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g7f, ln7, Tantalizing Webinar Title Formula -

Tantalizing Webinar Title Formula

Webinars are my favorite way to turn new leads into customers. While it may sound technical or complicated, a webinar is just a seminar, talk, or workshop conducted over the internet.  You can do them live or pre-recorded, with video or without. But what they all have in common is that they’re very good at turning cold traffic — people who know nothing about you — into customers.

I’ve been creating webinars to sell my products and services online for years. Yet one of the hardest parts is coming up with a compelling title that gets people excited to register for your training.

I fancy myself a decent copywriter, but nothing humbles you faster than a blinking cursor on a blank page, daring you to sum up your entire hour-long presentation (not to mention your goals and dreams for your business) in a single pithy statement.

According to copywriting lore, the number one goal of a great headline is to get grab the reader’s attention and get them to continue reading down the page, and the same is true of the title of a webinar, because it will serve as a headline in many different places.

To market your webinar, you are likely going to create a webinar registration page with the title of the training at the top — if it’s not good, no one will keep reading and discover why they should sign up for your training.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 6.16.55 PM

That title will be responsible for getting people to click on your Facebook ads, open your emails, and click the links in your social media posts.

What I’m getting to here is that your webinar’s title is VERY important.

The harsh reality is that is doesn’t matter how great your information is, if you can’t get people to sign up for the call.

Over the years, I’ve tried, tested, and distilled what separates a great webinar title from a mediocre one and put it all into 4 Proven, “Fill in the Blank” Formulas for Creating The Perfect Webinar Title (plus my favorite tool that will rate your titles for fast and easy feedback) which you can download right here.

But first, what makes a perfect webinar title? In my experience, there are 3 types of webinar titles that outperform everything else:


1. Curiosity Provoking

Nothing will get people to click on a link faster than when the headline opens up the gap of curiosity.  It’s like those Buzzfeed headlines about the “one simple trick” to do something that you simply can’t ignore.

Taken too far, these kinds of headlines can be manipulative and are known as “clickbait”; like a worm dangling on a hook, they entice us to click, but then the content they link to doesn’t deliver.

Your content, however, will certainly deliver the goods, so try creating your own curiosity headlines:

  • Phrase it as a question.
    Questions are tried-and-true ways to craft compelling headlines. Be careful with the questions you ask, however. Copyhackers suggests that “the only questions you should ask in your copy are those that prompt your prospect to give the answer you want.”  So, rather than “Are you ready for the vacation of a lifetime?” (to which the answer could be, “no, not right now…”), you might say, “Do you want to stop sitting on the sidelines and truly experience life?”  Who would say no to that??
  • Bust a myth.
    Think about the myths that persist in your industry that drive you absolutely bonkers. If you can bust a myth in your headline, you’ll get people very curious about what else you can do. You might say, “You can have a chic, trendy wardrobe without spending a penny,” and every woman I know would be curious about how the heck you plan to accomplish that!
  • Challenge a commonly held assumption
    Another great way to pique curiosity is to challenge an assumption your audience may have about a topic. The classic one here would be something like, “How eating more fat will help you get thin,” which challenges the assumption that fat in food makes you fat.

2. Benefits Oriented

As I mentioned in my last article, I see so many businesses make the mistake of not getting specific with their offerings — specifically, they leave out the benefits of their product or service. If you tell us that your product is red, 14 by 19 inches, or includes four videos and a workbook, those are the features. The benefits tell us why we should care. To write a benefits-driven headline:

  • What is the promise?
    A headline is basically a promise you’re making to your readers; what’s the promise of the information you plan to share? Once you know that, you can turn it into a powerful headline like, “You’re Already SEOing and You Don’t Even Know It.”
  • Focus on your audience’s main aspirations
    Every business solves a problem (yes, even yours). When you get crystal clear on what that problem is, and you know that your audience’s aspirations revolve around solving that problem, you can promise them the solution in a benefits-driven headline like, “Master Your Social Media Marketing in 10 Minutes Per Day.”
  • What’s the “so that”? What will this information make possible?
    The best way to come up with the benefits of your webinar is to start with the features and add “so that…” If you’re going to teach 10 ways to tie a scarf, you might keep going and say, “so that you can look and feel stylish every day with one signature accessory.” Perfect!  Turn that into your title: Look and Feel Stylish Every Day with One Signature Accessory.

3. Strategically Specific

Getting specific is paramount in just about every aspect of your business — but especially with your webinar headline. The first question on every reader’s mind is going to be, “Is this for me?” The more specific — and strategic — you can get to attract the like-minded and repel those for whom your product is not a good fit, the higher the sales you can expect from your webinar. You can do this by:

  • Make it timely and relevant to what is happening right NOW.
    Just recently, Instagram introduced an algorithm that changes the way images are chosen to display in your followers feeds. Even if your information isn’t new, you could spin it to speak to what’s on your readers’ minds, like, “10 Classic Instagram Rules that Will Protect Your Account from the New Algorithm.”
  • Use specific and evocative words.
    Here’s a great hint: use the EXACT words that your customers use to describe their pain and their dreams. A weight loss coach might say, “Lose 10 pounds effortlessly without giving up the foods you love,” because she knows that her customers find diets to be too complicated and restrictive.
  • Address and overcome your audience’s most common objections as to why they can’t get the results that they want.
    This one is so powerful. If you can show right away in your headline that their biggest objection isn’t valid, you’re going to get many more people to sign up. And what are the two biggest objections most of us get? Not enough time and/or not enough money. So a title like, “DIY Your Kitchen Renovation in Less than a Week for Less Than $100” is going to get a lot of attention.

No matter what your title, make sure it very clearly conveys exactly what the webinar will be about. A split test done by MarketingSherpa showed that a clearer webinar headline resulted in a 45 percent better click through rate! That’s a very big deal, so always go for clarity over cleverness, or even curiosity.

To make this even easier for you, I’ve created 4 Proven, “Fill in the Blank” Formulas for Creating The Perfect Webinar Title. Plus, I’m also going to share my favorite tool that will rate your titles for fast and easy feedback! To get both, click right here and access the instant download.


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