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9qb, sbw, 2, m4, 1n, 4, czm, 5e, 2, ae, s, 39e, How to Post Aspirational (But Not Inauthentic) Content on Instagram -

How to Post Aspirational (But Not Inauthentic) Content on Instagram

One of the reasons why I find Instagram such a great social media platform is because the brands and influencers who are using Instagram to grow their presence well are doing so because they have figured out how to visually communicate in compelling ways.

When I scroll through my Instagram feed and see posts from brands like Veuve Clicquot or from influencer accounts like Create & Cultivate, I tend to stop in my tracks and pay attention.

That’s because I become captivated by the visual imagery I’m presented with, and I end up reading and possibly engaging with the post.

These posts do such a great job of communicating aspiration – or an attractive ideal that the viewer has a strong desire within themselves to reach – that we as followers can’t but help pay attention to.

And I so appreciate the time and effort that these Instagram users put into their content on the platform. It’s no small feat to create compelling visual content that connects with an intended audience, engages them in a way that results in a return on investment (ROI), and stays true to a brand’s vision.

Using Veuve Clicquot as an example, a simple visual post of a woman enjoying a glass of sparkling wine in a beautiful setting puts me in a frame of mind to aspire to live that moment for myself one day soon.


Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 9.57.03 AM


Looks like a perfect day, doesn’t it?

But there is a fine line between creating aspirational visual content – or content that paints an ideal picture of who and how you want to be perceived that simultaneously invokes desire within your audience – and inauthentic content, which is more of a misrepresentation of who you are and that can actually damage your brand.

What is Aspirational Content?

If you’re building a personal brand, what do you represent that is both authentic to you and to your business AND that also represents where your customers aspire to go next in their life?

That intersection should be what you focus on when you strive to create aspirational content.

You have to adequately represent yourself and your business, but you also want to emotionally connect with your audience in such a way that they can see themselves in your place.

For me and my brand, I promote the “Work from Wherever” entrepreneurial lifestyle. I have been able to build a business that affords me the freedom to live, work, and travel on my own terms; and when I create content around this concept, I do so conscientiously.

Because I know what my audience desires, I want my audience to more feel the potential within themselves to reach the same goal in their own life and business rather than just be inspired by what I’ve been able to do for myself.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 9.56.52 AM

I always want my content to be more focused on my audience than on myself, but in order to do this, my content strategy has to be systematic.

How to Post Aspirational Content on Instagram

Below are a few key tips when striving to post authentic, aspirational content to Instagram. Remember that your followers are savvy and not to be fooled with. While focusing on creating the most visually appealing imagery you can, you always want to adequately represent yourself and your brand. You want to be real!

  • Always focus on the desires, dreams, and aspirations of your audience when creating your Instagram photos. Ask yourself before posting “will my audience be able to see themselves in this photo/image?”
  • Be authentic and don’t misrepresent yourself in an effort to inspire your audience. Walk the walk.
  • Use your post copy to reinforce the aspirational message of your image. Make it about them.

By focusing on creating real and aspirational content that emotionally connects with your audience, I know you’ll start to see more followers and more engagement, but obviously this isn’t everything you need to know about Instagram.  In fact, we created an entirely new Instagram Destination Guide inside Business Class to share all my tips and secrets.

Click here to download the 2-Week Instagram Challenge and start it today. I created it specifically as a companion to the guide and it’s the first step you should take toward turning Instagram from a distraction into a strong business marketing tool!


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