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The One Thing You Need to Build Authority in Your Niche

If you want to become an authority in your business niche, what’s the one thing you must have to do so?

Ten thousand followers on Instagram?

Five thousand people on your email list?

A bestselling book? A popular podcast? An article in a particular magazine or website?

No!  The one thing you need to build your authority in your niche is… your one thing.

You might call it your “zone of genius” or your “onlyness,” but in essence, your one thing is the one thing you help people do that gets transformational results — and the one thing you want to be known for.

Of course, you might not be sure what that one thing is yet… But I can help you discover it.

To start your journey toward building your authority on the right foot, click here to download my Authority Game Plan worksheet to learn my quick strategy for building authority. It’s normally only offered as part of my Business Class Destination Guide, “How to Increase Your Authority in Your Niche Quickly” — but you can grab it today for free.

Focus on your One Thing

One bad habit I see with some new business owners is that they go for breadth instead of depth with their business.  

Maybe they start out offering a product or service on one topic, then they decide to do a new course / ebook / service / challenge on a different topic. And then another… And another…

As creators, many of us have a breadth of knowledge and want to share it with the world!  We want to teach everything we know, and have an urge to grab different segments of our audience that might be interested in this thing or that thing.

But when we are constantly trying new things, adding new offers or services, and therefore putting out different marketing messages, it actually begins to dilute our brand — and our authority.

If building your authority in your niche and becoming the go-to name associated with what you do is your goal, then you have to be extremely strategic about what you offer and what you talk about so that you become known for that one thing.

It’s much more difficult to build authority on multiple topics, even when they’re related, than it is to become known for your one thing.

Lay your foundation

The first step, then, to lay the foundation for your authority is to pick your one thing — and stick to it!

For some people, this will feel liberating; for others, it may feel stifling.

Choosing one thing doesn’t mean it has to be your thing forever, but you do need to choose and focus for now.

For me, when I was first getting started in business teaching, it became clear that teaching people how to use Pinterest for marketing was my one thing! That was my thing and my focus for years, and it paid off in huge dividends. I’ve since branched out, but I can trace my authority in the online space back to focusing on that one thing.

The focus is key, because it’s much easier to be a big fish in a smaller pond when you’re just starting out. If I had tried to be an online business expert for women in the very beginning, I would have been a very small fish in a very big pond. But by focusing just on Pinterest marketing to get me started, I had much less competition and a much better chance of building authority and getting noticed.

Here’s a note: You don’t have to pick a small niche or one without any competition for your One Thing, it just needs to be specific enough so that when someone is telling a stranger what you do, they can say just one or two words and the other person gets it immediately.

Choosing your One Thing

So what do you do if you already have courses or services that run the gamut? Or maybe you’re just starting out and aren’t sure what you want your One Thing to be yet…?

If you’ve served even a few clients (or maybe a lot), you are probably starting to see some patterns. Maybe you can already start to tell what people seem to be coming to your for or what type of work lights you up — that’s important, too!

If you’re not sure, ask yourself:

  • What do friends and colleagues say when they refer someone to work with you? (If you’re not sure, you can ask!)
  • What do people tag you for in conversations online?
  • Where do you feel like you can get the most transformational results for others?
  • What sets you apart from your competition?
  • What’s something you want to change or reform in your industry?

Any one of these (or some combination) may give you insight into what you should focus on for your One Thing.

And finding your One Thing is just as important for product-based businesses as it is for service businesses. While you may have many products, what is the one thing they all have in common and that sets you apart from your competition? That’s what you can use as your One Thing.

Once you’ve established your One Thing, I believe you can “hack” your way to authority in that niche through a very specific strategy I’ve developed.

And the first step is to click here and download our Authority Game Plan worksheet and make a plan. It’s based on the principles I teach inside the “How to Increase Your Authority in Your Niche Quickly” Destination Guide inside Business Class, and it will provide you with a custom roadmap for uncovering your one thing — and then turning it into serious authority for you and your business.


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