How (And Why) To Publish on LinkedIn

Publishing articles on LinkedIn is a great way to establish your authority and professional identity as a business owner.  You can’t publish articles from your company page yet on LinkedIn, so your only option is to publish from your personal profile; but that can be a good thing as LinkedIn is all about making personal connections.

Your content becomes a part of your profile and is displayed in the Articles section. Articles are automatically shared with your connections and followers in their news feeds, giving you more visibility.  And people that aren’t already connected to you can follow you directly from your article — expanding your network and ensuring that your next article will show up in their news feeds.

Plus, your article can show up in search engine results, assuming that you keep your public profile on LinkedIn set to “everyone.”

Of course, the first step is making sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date, so we’ve created a free LinkedIn Profile Checklist for you to make sure you dot every i and cross every t! Click here to download it now.

How to publish an article on LinkedIn

Publishing a new piece of content to LinkedIn is as simple as clicking “Write and Article” at the top of your home page when you’re logged in.  From there, you’ll see a text editor very similar to those you might use for blogging.

Craft your article, including any links and images you want to add, and then press Publish. (If you would like more detailed instructions, this post from LinkedIn will presumably be the most up to date resource.)

When deciding what to write about, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Choose a specific topic to write about. You’re building up your authority in your niche, so you don’t want to publish on just any topic. Pick one and then aim to get known for covering that topic better than anyone else.
  • Craft your title carefully. When you publish an article, all of your followers get notified — but the notification only includes the title of your piece. So it’s extremely important to craft a great title that will encourage people to click.
  • Include images and multimedia. Some research shows that at least one image — and up to eight! — equalled more views, likes, and shares of articles on LinkedIn. But the same research suggests that you shouldn’t include more than one multimedia file like a video or SlideShare.
  • Consider when to publish. Think about when and how people use LinkedIn. Business people are more likely to be looking at the site on a weekday than on the weekend, and some research suggests that earlier in the week is best.

But the how of publishing on LinkedIn is really less important than the why.

Why publish articles on LinkedIn as a business owner?

As we’ve been talking about this month, LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool for business owners, and a great way to connect with potential clients and customers as well as potential business partners.

But like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, LinkedIn is a business — and as a business, it’s in their best interest to keep users on their site as long as possible.  That means that they give priority to sharing articles published on their native platform over links to your blog posts and articles on your own site.

At first glance, that may seem like bad news, but it’s really not. You can use this to your advantage, republishing your best content from your blog or newsletter to LinkedIn’s publishing platform in order to reach more of your connections.  The key with republished content is to be sure to include a strong call to action in the article to connect with you — either through LinkedIn itself, or via your website.

Consider what you hope to achieve by becoming more active on LinkedIn; are you looking for more leads? Hoping to network with influencers? Seeking potential business partners or new hires?

The content you choose to publish can establish your credibility and move you forward toward those goals. For example, if you use the tips and strategies we outline in our LinkedIn Destination Guide to dramatically increase the number of targeted connections you have on LinkedIn using tools and automation (you can have up to 30,000 connections!), you can support those efforts by having quality content available linked to your profile that will back up your requests to connect and cement you as an expert and thought leader in their minds.

Publishing on LinkedIn should be part of a bigger strategy, and it all starts with having a fully optimized profile, so click here to download our LinkedIn Profile Checklist and learn more about the LinkedIn Destination Guide inside Business class!


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