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Lead Web Developer

This is a sub-contracted, virtual position, meaning you can work from your home, the coffee shop, or wherever it is you work best.

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what we do

We lead one of the largest online communities of female entrepreneurs and show small business owners how to think bigger.
We inspire and educate a global community of over 200,000 incredible female entrepreneurs on a weekly basis and we create programs and resources to get women past the million dollar mark in their businesses.

In a nutshell, we help people live their dreams and grow their businesses.
It is incredibly exciting (and fulfilling) work.

We believe in using real research, and great systems are the unsung heroes of business success and the secret to scale.

We create impact in people’s lives, by showing them how to strategically grow their businesses. This means the freedom to make money, create and support their family on their own terms. We educate and empower women to be leaders in their communities and to make a difference in the world.

We lead a team of innovative and inspiring individuals who do great work and have a great time doing it.

They are the best at what they do and they love doing it.

about the founders

Partners in business and in life, Devin and Melanie Duncan have several years experience starting and growing successful online businesses. From the multimillion dollar Greek apparel company that they started together in college, to the home decor ecommerce brand that has been featured on ABC's Good Morning American, NBC, and in dozens of magazines all around the world.

These two have got what it takes to build a successful business dialed in and now focus on giving entrepreneurs access to the resources that they wish that they had when we first started, (and the systems and software that they use now).

They've shared their advice and strategies on stages from Stockholm to the Condè Nast HQ in NYC and inside of articles for top publications such as Women Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post.

The Duncan Headquarters is in the incredible New York City, however our team enjoys the freedom to live all over the world.


our philosophy

We believe in…

Continuous Education & Growth Everyone on our team has access to online courses, the best business books, plus the opportunity to get access to online training that helps you do your job better - on us.

We are happy to invest in your growth and training.

Innovation Think outside of the box, do what no one else has done before.

Make Things Happen Be a problem solver, not a problem finder. We move fast and we get things done.

Quality We believe in creating the best.

Handle Your Business We are a team of leaders who can self-manage, work independently AND collaborate.

No Title Tyranny Be a part of what we are doing in whatever capacity is needed

We Measure Output (not the time spent working) It’s not about working more hours, it’s about spending less time working, but working on the right things.

why join our team

You'll have the ability to impact thousands of people all around the world.
Create resources and give people access to information and a community that can actually change their lives.

Flexibility & Freedom #WorkFromWherever One of the main reasons that Devin and I started our companies was so that we would have the freedom to WorkFromWherever, we provide that same freedom to our team too.

Opportunity for Growth Be a part of a talented team where you will be challenged each and everyday. We move fast and we make BIG things happen. We are a quickly growing company, and promote from within. Your opportunity for growth inside of our company is exciting.

Learn This is an entrepreneurship school that you get paid for. You will not only work within a dynamic business, you will be immersed in working with entrepreneurs and learning about real life business.

Independence We hire grown-ups and we will treat you like one. You will get the freedom and flexibility to choose how, when, and where you work.

Work With Smart Cool People Be a part of talented team of people, collaborate on exciting projects, and excel in a highly motivated environment.

Connections. Connections. Connections. You will be building relationships with amazing people inside of our community.

Make a Difference Be a part of something bigger than yourself, and join us in the impact that we are making.

Why join Photos

details about the position



Are you an experienced software engineer focused on front-end development? Do you have expertise in HTML, CSS, and javascript? Do you enjoy helping businesses grow and succeed? Are you able to work on multiple projects simultaneously?

If so, you’re in the right place.

I’m looking for an expert web developer who will be the go-to-person for our higher level projects.

This is a sub-contracted, remote position. That’s right… you can do it from anywhere.


The lead web developer will be responsible for a variety of tasks across various websites. Some of these tasks include:

  • PSD to responsive HTML for higher level projects
    • Examples include sales pages, order form pages, wordpress themes, and wordpress powered members areas.
  • Server management
    • Examples include: installing zpanel, securing servers, auto-scaling servers for project launches, etc.
  • Wordpress plugin creation
  • jQuery plugin creation
  • Moving completed projects from other developers from a development to a live environment
    • An example of this would be moving a coded thank you page from a ZIP archive or to the live page at
  • Creating automatic backups of websites and databases
  • Designing on the fly.
    • All of our projects go to a designer first, but sometimes we need to make a small tweak to the design after a page has already been coded.


  • Created responsive pages with HTML, CSS and jQuery using modern web standards
  • Created Wordpress themes from scratch
  • Worked with and understand how to effectively use grid systems in web development
  • Worked with PHP and MySQL/PHPMyAdmin
  • Deployed new servers, deployed new auto-scaling servers, managed existing servers
  • Worked in a fast moving environment
  • Worked on multiple projects from start to completion


  • Those looking for a “side-job” while growing their own business.
  • Those who have a lot going on already, and don’t have the time and focus needed to do a quality job.
  • Those who create websites using Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc.


  • Is an expert with HTML, CSS and jQuery
  • Is an expert at creating responsive layouts
  • Has a strong knowledge of Wordpress
  • Has experience working with PHP and SQL/PHPMyAdmin
  • Has experience creating and managing servers
  • Has experience designing on the fly based on feedback from owners, directors and managers
  • Is not locked in to just working 9 to 5, but embraces the “until it gets done” attitude
  • Is a high communicator
  • Takes ownership and pride in your work
  • Is not afraid of new challenges
  • Loves learning new things and can implement new ideas quickly
  • Adapts very well to changes on the go
  • Can handle direct & blunt feedback. Does not need to be cuddled.


  • Your work will be seen by MILLIONS.
  • You’ll get to push yourself mentally and put your skills to use in a business that is constantly launching new projects. There is never a dull moment.
  • The flexibility & freedom to work from wherever.
  • You’ll be paid to do what you already love.


  • We launch dozens of projects each year and need someone who can really own this role.
  • You will have your hands in almost every project, working on larger projects directly, and moving most smaller projects to a live environment.

Sound good? I want to learn more about you!

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xx Melanie