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Let me help you get you the most out of your B-School experience and set you up for continued success.

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B-School is a 8 week program on how to build a business and when you enroll through me, I'll help you set yourself up as a successful entrepreneur for life.

Why Are You Here?

What are you hoping to achieve by enrolling in B-School?

What Do You Want?

Do you have an idea that you want to turn into a business?

If you are just starting out, I hate to break it to you, but it's going to be way harder than you can imagine.


I Know How To Bolster Your B-School Experience…

My diverse background in business gives me a tremendous edge in assisting all kinds of entrepreneurs. If you want create beautiful products and get them out into the world. I've done it. I can show you how.

If you want to help people have better lives by sharing your knowledge and expertise. I'm glad that you're here, because I've got that done to a science.

Women Are Pack Animals.

(I mean think about it we don't even go to the bathroom without eachother)

But often we try and build our businesses alone.

Let's fix this.

I can speak from personal experience, and show you how to set yourself up for success from the beginning.



It's Not What You Think That It Is...

You may have heard the term "mastermind" before, but do you really know what it means and the life-changing transformation that is possible when you are part of the right one?

Mastermind - noun - mas•ter•mind - a group embodying exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of unprecedented insight.

I'd like to invite you to be a part of a real mastermind mind. One that will support, challenge and get you to think bigger.

Because Eight Heads Are Better Than One…

1. The Groups

I will be personally curating groups of 8 to 10 people to form virtual masterminds and then giving you my proven format to follow. Unlike most mastermind groups, you will be placed into groups with people in all different industries. Someone may have a local shop, someone else might be a fitness coach, while someone else makes and sells jewelry. Why?

Because a business strategy that is well known and standard practice in one industry, can completely change the game in another. I want you to expose yourself to ideas from other industries and try out fresh ideas in a context that have never been used before. You will be grouped together based upon the establishment of your business.

2. The Format

I will be providing you with the proven format that I have used for years inside of my mastermind, including how often to meet, and exactly what to cover together on your calls together.

Your meetings will have three essential components: sharing, advising, and accountability.

I'll show you how in just a few hours each month, you can create incredible breakthroughs in your business and turn ideas into actionable plans - plus you're going to make some amazing friends in the process.

3. The Resources

I have created a portfolio of resources for you to use as a part of your mastermind, including a detailed dossier that will be filled with details about each member in your group, a "best practices" book to help you clearly understand how to get the most out of being a part of a mastermind, and an official agenda that you will use and follow in each of your meetings.

I'll also provide you with tools and tutorials to help you streamline scheduling, organize activities to make your meeting extremely efficient and effective.

Here's What Makes It Possible…




Curated Content & Conversation


Join me and an intimate group of B-Schoolers inside my private Facebook community classroom. For 8 weeks, you will have access to our bite-sized content curriculum covering the 8 essential skills that you need as an entrepreneur. Each week will feature it's own unique theme. Respective to the weeks theme, interesting content will be posted, challenges will be created, and engaging discussions will be led by our amazing community manager.

The community classroom will help you to stay focused and guide you in your work. You'll stay inspired, on task, and achieve great goals in your business.

The community classroom is the playground for us all to gather, learn, and grow together.



The Culmination...

Join Devin and I in NYC at one of our Business Growth Workshops and we'll help you take your business to the next level.

Join us in a beautiful, historic townhouse on the Upper East side and we will share with you the advanced growth strategies that we use in our multimillion dollar businesses.

The internet is amazing, but it's no replacement for the real thing. Nothing can compare to the experience of being in a room full of excited entrepreneurs all having breakthroughs together.

There is no better place to dream big dreams than in NYC. This weekend can be THE turning point in your business.

You'll receive two complimentary tickets so bring your business partner, or a friend, and enjoy a bustling weekend in the big city.

Use this as an opportunity to take your virtual mastermind and make it real by attending the workshop together - in real life!

Everything's Better Live

Dates to Choose From…

  • July

  • Sept

  • Nov



When I started my first business years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I have created this custom B-School experience for you based upon what I know you will need to truly succeed as an entrepreneur. You see, it's not just about having access to the right information, it's about having access to the right people too.

I have built a wildly successful 7 figure ecommerce empire selling apparel and home decor that has been featured on ABC's Good Morning America, on NBC and across the pages of dozens of magazines worldwide. There aren't many people promoting B-School that have the diverse business experience that I have. And let me tell you, building a business selling physical products is very different than selling information or services online.

I've done both. And I've done it well.

I've taken what I know and turned it into a rapidly growing multimillion dollar education brand. I've consulted with Fortune 50 companies, taught Modern Selling to the Fashion Group International at the Conde Nast Headquarters, and have created programs that educate thousands of entrepreneurs all around the world.

I love helping people, and I also love the freedom of the life that I've designed for me and my family. I spent each day building businesses with the love of my life, and get to travel the world and #workfromwherever.

I'd love the opportunity to help you realize your big, crazy dreams and show you how to turn them into a reality.

"Is B-School Right For Me?"

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Enrolling in B-School through Melanie Duncan was the best investment I could have made for my business. I spent a lot of time looking through all of the different affiliates’ offers, but the bonuses that Melanie offered really spoke to me. B-School was the answer to my prayers, it was everything I had hoped for and more. And Melanie’s bonus programs were the perfect companions to what I learned. But it was at the Mastermind Group that everything really came together for me. The information that was shared, the friendships that I made, all continue to inspire and inform my work today.

- Crista

Enrolling in B-School under Melanie was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business! I would recommend B-School to anyone looking to take their business to the next level and create endless streams of income and growth. Joining under Melanie was the delicious buttercreme icing on the cake! Not only did I receive the amazing and powerful training under B-School, but the bonuses that Melanie provided has helped shape my business in ways that I could not even imagine. Just from her mastermind workshop alone, I’ve made priceless relationships with amazing and successful women who are rocking it in their businesses and I was able to meet and work directly with Melanie, Devin and their team to strategize ways to improve MY business, which was priceless. The valuable jewels that I learned from both B-School and Melanie’s bonuses have literally changed the way I look at entrepreneurship forever. This by far has been the most impactful experience for my business and I’m grateful to be able to share with others how beneficial this is. Melanie’s bonuses exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend anyone who is considering B-School to join through Melanie. You will not regret your decision. You will not regret your decision.

- Timeesha

I have to say Thank you to Melanie for all of the guidance she provided to me as I worked my way through B School. My email marketing has benefited, as I have higher returns on my marketing, more confidence, and am better able to showcase my creativity. Melanie and her team have been available to help me create the business I have always envisioned. Enrolling through Melanie Duncan was one of my best business decisions yet.

- Sue

I enrolled in B-School through you was because of the benefit of the workshop in New York. I live in NY and knew that I HAD TO be there! That was definitely the selling point! The event was so valuable! The way we were split up into separate tables with smaller groups of people so we can make real connections was such a great idea. It was so valuable to have you and Devin there to moderate and give your input to each group from your own experiences. My table started our own facebook group and we still keep in touch and try to support each other. Thank you for such a great experience!

- Stacey

The workshop with Melanie, Devin and other B-Schoolers in NYC was a game changer for me and connecting with them months after B-School ended really brought the lessons from B-School forward and in a way created a SUPER B-SCHOOL EXPERIENCE that continues on. In fact, our group from that Mastermind is going through B-School again this year TOGETHER and I know with my new mastermind buddies this year will bring even more growth and insight to my business.

- Bonnie

I chose YOU to sign up for B-school through, because I wanted to find a way to promote both business with a clear voice, through social media. Since completing B-school and taking advantage of your "Free Gifts" I have been able to grow my social media presence by over 50%, I have not only found my voice for both businesses but have also seen a HUGE increase in sales (from sporadically getting paid, to consistent income each week).

- Kim

I had already learnt so much from you I wanted to meet you and Devin in person. The workshop was an intimate, fantastic experience with a room full of inspiring entrepreneurs with so many ideas. On that trip I made three new best friends from all over the world and now we have a Mastermind of our own every month online!

- Yvonne

I signed up for B School with you because you have both product and service businesses. Most other affiliates are life coaches and promote services only. The workshop that you held in NYC was awesome. All the girls at our group keep in touch with a FB page and are going to virtually coach each other as we take B School on for a 2nd time.

- Catherine

Besides loving the content you put out there, the bonus that turned it around for me was hands down the workshop bonus with the options going to Paris or NYC! The B-School experience was fabulous! I learned so much, grew as an entrepreneur, and gained so many new friends!

- Jen

As a person making a career change I needed the skills necessary to give me the level of confidence to be successful. I enrolled with Melanie because she had become a trusted and reliable person to help me achieve my business goals. The training I received from Melanie coupled with completing B-School has made my first year in business a great success.

- Garry

I am partnering with Marie to spread the word about B-School and am offering this exclusive experience for you if you do decide to enroll in the B-School program. When you use my link to join, I will receive a commission and you will receive my curated collection of resources (which will not just set you up for success for B-School, it will set you up as an entrepreneur for LIFE).


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