5 Reasons You Should Write a Book (And 1 Reason Not To)

They say, everyone has at least one book in them.

I think that’s especially true of entrepreneurs. No matter what you do or what you sell, you must be an expert in at least one thing (usually many things!) that can be translated into a book.

Of course, people think that writing a book is too big of an undertaking. They get overwhelmed thinking of the reasons not to do it (it will take to long, I don’t have enough to say, I don’t know how to publish it, etc.) that they don’t consider the very good reasons they should do it.

Because writing a book can be an incredible way to grow your business.

Click here to grab my free Create Your Book Outline Worksheet then read on for my top 5 reasons you should write a book for your business — and one very good reason not to.

No. 1 Showcase Your Expertise

Writing a book is a wonderful opportunity to put your best foot forward and show the world that you are an expert at what you do. It’s a chance for you to share your perspective on things, to share your ideas, and to highlight your track record.  It’s a great place to tell stories of how you learned what you know and how you got where you are. It’s also an invaluable opportunity to share case studies that showcase the kind of results you can help people achieve.

No. 2 Establish & Grow Your Credibility

When you write a book on a subject that you know a lot about and have ideas and perspective on, it naturally increases your credibility. The amazing thing is, people don’t even have to read your book in order to perceive you as someone who is credible. Being an author does this automatically. But, of course, those who do read your book will be left without a shadow of a doubt that you know your stuff.

No. 3 Attract Press & Opportunities

When you present your ideas, concepts, perspective, and insights in a book, it can do wonders to open up a variety of opportunities for you. You may receive press, speaking gigs, and invitations to collaborate that you would never have gotten before. You will find that doors which might previously have been closed to you will be opened wide when you lead by presenting your credentials in the form of a copy of a book. You may even find people seeking you out on their own after they discover your book.

No. 4 Create Demand

When you write a book that showcases you as an expert, enhances your credibility, and creates opportunity with others, you become someone very much in demand. People love to have the distinction of being able to say they’ve worked with someone famous, or an expert, an author. Publishing a book often starts a domino effect; the book opens the door to press opportunities, which invites a partnership, which creates more press opportunities, more leads, and more engagements…  

No. 5 Improve Sales

The culmination of all of this is that you will almost certainly make more sales. Your book is often the first contact you have with a potential client, establishing you as an expert, and it makes it much easier to sell with credibility at your back. In addition, people love to see social proof — in the form of interviews, articles, and partnerships — that you really are the expert you claim to be. And there’s that perceived caché of working with a celebrity.

All of these reasons make it easier to sell your main offer.

Why Not to Write A Book

This is a perfect opportunity to mention the one big thing that shouldn’t be your reason to write a book: Don’t write a book to get rich.

Is there a possibility that your book could get picked up by a big popular, hit the New York Times Bestseller List and propel you to fame and fortune? Of course there is! But the chances are slim. And that’s not the best reason to write your book.

In truth, your book may not even be a significant line item in your revenue report. But most entrepreneurs I know who have written books don’t care about how much money they make selling the book; they care about how much the book can help them sell of their signature product or service.

They care about all the other things that writing a book will get them — the credibility, the opportunities, the exposure, the demand.

And those reasons far outweigh the actual price tag of the book.  

Excited to get started writing your own book? Click here to download my free Create Your Book Outline worksheet and start brainstorming today!


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