5 Myths About Marketing With Instagram DEBUNKED

As Instagram becomes more and more popular, I’m seeing more and more misinformation popping up about how to use it to market your business.

Some people think it’s all about getting the most followers, or that you have to have a fancy camera or professional photo shoot, or that you have to just post and pray that the right people will find you.

All of these are the wrong way to think about using Instagram. Since I’ve created an entire Destination Guide inside Business Class about how to Ignite Your Brand With Instagram, I thought I’d take this opportunity to debunk a few of these insta-myths.

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Myth 1: I have to get to 10,000 followers to have any impact.

Actually follower count isn’t what drives growth on Instagram. Your growth is driven by quality content and engagement.

Real talk: Anyone with enough money can buy 10,000 followers. That doesn’t mean they’ll have any engagement, brand loyalty, or conversions to other business goals like sales or leads.

The only reason 10,000 followers seems to be a magic number with Instagram is because that is the point at which you have the ability to use the “swipe up” feature in stories to link directly to another web page. And while that’s certainly cool, it’s not necessary to use the platform for successful marketing!

Myth 2: Instagram is only about pretty pictures.

Actually, the best marketers and personalities on Instagram use it as a connection tool to deepen the relationships they have with their audience.

Unlike Pinterest (which is a lot more just about pretty images), Instagram offers the opportunity for real, deep engagement — and without all the noise and clutter of Facebook.

Treat it more like a mini blog or as a community hub to hold conversations than just a gallery of your best selfies.

Myth 3: I have to have professional photography to market on Instagram.

While it is true that stunning images will help get you noticed, it is not at all necessary to have professional photos shot when you’re just starting out.

Post the best content you can with what you have. This might mean breaking out your big camera and doing your own photo shoot at home, digging in and really learning how to use your phone’s camera, or even buying quality stock photography. But it doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for a custom photo shoot when you’re just starting out.

Just remember: Never sacrifice quality for quantity.

Myth 4: If I post enough, I’ll attract the right followers.

It would certainly be nice if this were true!  And maybe it would be… if you had years to wait. But if you want to get the ball rolling more quickly, you have to give it a little push.

Have an outreach strategy in place to attract quality, focused followers. Create sharable content. And use hashtags strategically to attract people interested in what you have to say. That’s how you build your followers on Instagram.

Myth 5: If I’m using Instagram for my business, the account should be all business.

In my opinion, the brands that do Instagram the best use it to show a little personality. Their posts aren’t all business, all the time.

Instead, they use Instagram to tell a story. It might be a story about you, the business owner, or a story about the brand, but it’s engaging and compelling.

Obviously, you can and should be using Instagram to actively promote your business, but you can do it in a fun way that is aligned with your personality and the personality of your brand.

Now that we’ve busted those myths, are you ready to get started? Click here to download my free Two-Week Instagram Challenge to get yourself actually taking action toward an Instagram account that supports your business every day.


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