A Workshop JUST for Product Based Business Owners

One of the main things that sets me apart in the sea of online coaches and mentors is that I’ve operated two different physical product businesses (that generated millions of dollars in sales).

I’ve always had a special passion for physical products and am thrilled to announce that this Fall I am going to be hosting an intimate online workshop JUST for product based business owners.

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You see, there is this BIG LIE floating around that there can be “one size fits all” trainings that teach you how to grow ANY and EVERYTHING – a service, or product, or information business.

But the truth is that different types of business have different types of problems.

I believe that it’s time to step and serve the product based business owners who have been neglected by hosting this unique workshop.

Here are the details…

I am looking for a group of around 30 product based business owners that I can work closely with to design the format (and customize the content) for this workshop.

I have a plan in mind for how I would like to structure this workshop, but before it’s set in stone I want to reach out to YOU and make sure that what I am creating is truly what you need to grow your product based business.

If this sounds like something that interests you, please

Click Here To Fill Out An Application and I will follow up with you if I feel that you would be a good fit.

Please feel free to share this post of you know of someone who may be interested in this opportunity.

*Note: don’t be jealous if you’re not a product based business owner, but you love the idea of an intimate, online workshop. If this workshop goes well, there will be more of these opportunities for all different kinds of business owners in the future.


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