Three Ways to Double Your Summer Sales

Stop what you’re doing and take a moment to do a little visioning exercise with me.

What is your sales goal for this summer?  

If you don’t have one, think about:

What are the numbers you want to reach by the end of this month? By the time September 1 rolls around?

Now double that number.

How does that make you feel?  Does it feel exciting? Terrifying?  Does it make you feel a little bit giddy or a little bit sick?

As someone who cares about the success of your business (yes, I really do!), I want to challenge you to think bigger.

Too often I see entrepreneurs (especially women entrepreneurs) who are selling themselves short when it comes to setting goals and moving their business forward.

It’s easy to set a goal for yourself that’s in line with what you’ve done in the past, or maybe a little bit bigger.  But focusing on the past isn’t what’s going to create your future. You’ve got to get outside your comfort zone in order to reach that vision you have for yourself and your business.

My personal goal is to help more women reach the million dollar mark in their business, and I have to be frank with you: You’re not going to get there by thinking small.

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I want to prove to you that you can double your sales this summer, and so I’ve created a free Double Your Sales Starter Kit — which is just a taste of a larger Double Your Summer Sales Challenge I’ll be running for my Business Class members.  

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1. Optimize Your Existing Marketing

If you’re like many people, there are almost certainly little things you know you could/should do to optimize your sales and marketing that you just never seem to get around to. I get it!  It’s easy for these “little” changes to slip through the cracks when you have other work that seems more pressing.

But in my experience, these little optimization tweaks can add up to big bucks when you consider how much impact they can have on your sales rates.

Plus, summer can be the perfect time to prioritize these small changes that may have an even bigger impact on your revenue when the fall and winter buying seasons are here.

Some ideas places you might want to optimize include:

  • Your pricing, packages, and offers
  • Your audience targeting
  • Your advertising
  • Your landing pages
  • Your automated email copy
  • Your sales pages and checkout pages.

Experience has taught me that even small, relatively simple changes to these places can have outsized impact on your sales and revenues.

2. Launch A New Product or Offer

Another great way to improve sales over the summer is to launch a new product or new offer to your core audience.  

Some people will tell you that no one buys in August (unless you’re selling school supplies!) but that is a MYTH!  

We all have a core group of customers who are always waiting to hear from us and buy what’s next and what’s new.  Offering a “beta” or test version of something new to your super fans is a great way to earn extra revenue and sales during the summer and also get you prepped for offering a perfected and refined version later in the year.

And because it’s a beta or test offer, you can streamline and make the offer and the delivery as simple as possible.  This isn’t about making things complicated, but rather delivering a core promise as simply, easily, and quickly as you can.

Whether it’s a new color, new flavor, new package, or entirely new program, summer is a great time to launch and get feedback from your best customers as you go.

3. Host a Sale or Promotion

Some businesses seem to be having sales all the time, which can dilute their power and hurt their brand. Other business owners are afraid to ever run a sale or promotion — because their margins are too tight, they’re afraid of devaluing their product, or they don’t see how it would work for their particular industry.

As you know, I believe there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about hosting sales and promotions. But done the right way, they can be very effective at boosting revenue.

Ask yourself:

  • Are there products or services that naturally lend themselves to discounting or promotion during the summer?  (Summer products, getting ready for fall, where you have space in your calendar, etc.)
  • Will you discount or promote? Discounting is where you lower the price for a limited time, whereas promoting is when you offer a bonus without lowering the price. Both can work extremely well!
  • How will you limit the promotion to create scarcity? Only available for a limited time? Only a limited number of products or spots?
  • How can you create excitement and an experience around the promotion?

When you keep all these things in mind, you can easily run a sale or promotion that will boost your numbers without diminishing your value or hurting your brand.  

In fact, over the next few weeks, I’ll be challenging my Business Class members to try all three of these tactics in their business in order to truly double their sales for the summer.  They’ll also be getting the added benefits of accountability within the group, the motivation of daily emails and challenges from me, and all the resources they need to execute.

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