A SIN-fully Successful Business Class Mastermind

We have now had more than 150 Business Class members participate in self-guided mastermind groups, and the process has taught us so much — both about what makes a good business mastermind tick, and about how we can support our mastermind groups.

Unfortunately, not every group has worked out. Even though we’ve put our best effort forth to match groups perfectly, there have been some placements where personalities just didn’t fit; there have been groups where members couldn’t come to agreement on a meeting time; and there have been groups where not all members were as invested into the idea as the others causing disappointment.

But even though there have been some groups that just couldn’t make it work, there have been other groups that have completely blown me and my team away in terms of what they’ve done with their groups.

If you’ve been wondering if a business mastermind might be right for you, read on for how these ladies have integrated it into their businesses — and then click here to get on the waiting list for Business Class to be included in our next mastermind grouping!

Forming the SIN-NERS Mastermind

In the spirit of Business Class and our love of travel, we decided to name each of our small group masterminds after various airport codes around the world. One of the groups was Singapore (SIN).

It never dawned on us when we created the groups of the double meaning… and the ladies of SIN absolutely ran with a secondary theme (not Singapore). 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 7.34.12 PM

When my team and I were in the process of creating the groups and naming them — it never occurred to any of us that we were literally naming a group “SIN”!! Once we did become aware, it was a #facepalm moment, that’s for sure!

But team SIN ran with it, bonded around it, and they are THRIVING as a mastermind group.

I am just so impressed.

Team SIN is doing everything a great business mastermind should do, but I gotta say that they have taken things to a whole other level that I would’ve never predicted.

This group is really supporting each other and their business goals in a way that I couldn’t have imagined, despite — or perhaps because of — the fact that they have very different businesses and come from different backgrounds. They include a business and life coach, a business designer, custom stationery producer, and a success life stylist.  And the sense that I get from them is that it’s really starting to pay off in the form of progress that each of them are making in their business.

Overcoming challenges with consistency

Early on in their group they had a scheduling conflict where someone couldn’t make it to the scheduled meeting. Instead of that member just missing the call altogether, that member did their “hot seat” in the form of a Facebook Live video after the fact. This gave the other members a chance to chime in and gave the member who couldn’t attend live a chance to participate.

This is some serious commitment to consistency here!  

“I believe COMMITMENT has most contributed to our success,” member Amber McCall of ExpertExec told us. “We met through deaths, fatigue, aggravation, disaster, depression, all-out devastation! #NikeSlogan”


“We just moved an inch each week, even if we couldn’t move a mile.” — Amber McCall


Now, two and a half months later, team SIN has completely adopted the Facebook Live check-in format, and from what I can tell from peeking into their group, they make a point to share a Monday update with each other (in addition to their regular meetings) via Facebook Live.

“Part of the success of our group is consistency,” member Janine Durso of Sweet Jane Paperie told us. “It was suggested by the guidelines provided that we meet every other week, but our group opted to do it every week… and we DO! Even when we can’t all be on the zoom at the same time, we do something consistently each week, either a few of us get on the zoom or we do FB lives to give statuses and feedback.”

Another important reason for Facebook updates is that it gives other members time to think about a problem or question before they answer. “We give each other ample time to dig deep into a problem each week which is so helpful!” Janine said.

Here’s the key

What this group is doing, which is really the key to their success, is that they stay in touch regularly in their group. They don’t just meet once every few weeks, retreat into their business, and then come back for their next scheduled meeting.

They meet for their scheduled meetings, and then they keep each other accountable on their goals in the times between. This not only helps each member stay focused, but it helps each member get to know one another better and faster.

Facebook is fantastic for this and easy (since most of us are on there at least once a day anyway!), which is one of the reasons we started creating private Facebook groups for each of our Business Class masterminds.

That kind of commitment builds consistency. “I feel the #BCMastermind has been helpful in that it created a sense of accountability to my group, and thus, myself,” Amber said. “It was ok if I needed more time to reach my weekly goal — however, doing nothing at all was no option. #StatusQuoDontRoll”

In addition, keeping in touch so often builds trust, as several members pointed out.

“I immediately felt safe,” member Sarah Stroud of 10xStudio told us. “I felt respect as I shared topics. I felt thankful as they gave sincere feedback. I felt empowered as each of them guided me with thoughts and wisdoms about growing my business. I feel validated that I am on the right path.”    

Member Leona Martin of LeonaMartin.com added, “Realizing that despite the fact that I’m in a field full of others that I am unique and I do have a skill set that I can feature or do.  At times I feel like I can’t do this they always come back and cheer me on.”

“When I entered the mastermind group, I did it because I was really stuck on where to take my business,” Janine said. “But having momentum and consistency, and most of all TRUST, with this group, it allowed me to share my thoughts and they really helped me work through some roadblocks and now I see where I can take the business.”

What makes them a SIN-ful success?

So let’s take a moment to identify what really made this group of ladies so successful with their mastermind group:

  • They were all committed from the beginning to making it work (<< this is a big lesson we’ve learned in our mastermind groups – if a group doesn’t get off the ground quickly, they likely will not at all).
  • They each came to the group with a can-do attitude (surprisingly rare, unfortunately… but it shows that it’s all about mindset).
  • They bonded because they meet regularly. This was a much bigger factor than if they were in the same industry and/or at the same level of business. Finding things in common is more important than the things that make you different.
  • They kept in touch using the private Facebook group we created for them. They actually post in there to each other several times per day.
  • Early on when their group formed, someone had an unavoidable scheduling conflict. Instead of missing the meeting, another member suggested that the member post a Facebook Live video of their “Hot Seat” — the 5 minutes where the member discuss the burning issue in their business that they’re currently facing. Then all the other members were able to comment and chime in, giving valuable feedback, even when she wasn’t able to attend “live”.
  • Now, in addition to meeting regularly in a regular mastermind format, they post weekly FB Live check-ins with each other (usually Sunday PM or Monday AM), helping each other set the tone for the week and helping each other reach their objectives.

These women are a perfect example of how a can-do attitude and winning mindset, combined with a little old fashioned consistency, can move mountains — and I can’t wait to see how their success evolves from this powerful collaboration.

I truly believe that together we are stronger than we are apart, and that’s why the new Business Class mastermind program is so important to me and so close to my heart. If you’re interested in becoming a part of a business mastermind, click here to get on the waitlist for the next Business Class boarding group and get ready for the impact a mastermind can have on your business as well!


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