The List – What I’m Loving This Week

It’s back! Today I’m sharing a list of the things that I’ve loved, used, and read this week.

So many small things contribute in a BIG way to the overall enjoyment of our lives.

I hope that this curated list of items, articles and ideas will enhance your life and inspire you in your business.

1- These Beauty Products


I’ve recently joined the masses with my love for Glossier products. Not only do they have incredibly chic packaging, but their products are awesome. I’ve become particularly obsessed with their moisturizing primer (which makes you look all glowy) and pretty cheek tint. Give them a try and pay attention to their impactful “unboxing” experience when your products arrive.

2- This Quote


As a mom who runs businesses, I am always getting asked for advice on how to balance it all. Jim says it perfectly. When I’m with my daughter, I just be with her. I’m not on my phone, I’m not trying to talk to my husband about work, I just enjoy her company. And when I work, I work from somewhere where I can completely and totally focus. I don’t do this perfectly all the time, but when I do it, I am so much happier and effective. Give it a try.

3- This Podcast


Debbie Millman is a brilliant designer and brand strategist. Give this episode a listen to unlock some incredibly sage advice about how to work without losing site of the bigger picture. I particularly enjoyed her mantra about “courage over confidence”.

4- This Presentation


I’m currently working with a company that is going through major team expansion. I came across this brilliant presentation about the Netflix company culture and wanted to share it with you as well. I’ve always struggled with creating “core values” for my company, and found this information to be absolutely illuminating. Even if you’re not  building a team, I highly recommend flipping through it.

5- These Fitness Fashion Brands


I’ve never been a big fan of workout clothing, but it seems like practically overnight basic black yoga pants have been replaced by some of the coolest designs out there. Though I am not an advocate of wearing workout stuff all day, I am relieved that I can walk with my babies (fur and human) in Central Park and still feel stylish enough to strut my stuff. Bandier and Carbon38 are my two favorite companies. Check out the Bandier store and workout studio if you are ever in NYC.

6 – This Article


I’m a big fan of finding mentors and people who inspire you. Lately, I’ve found myself incredibly intrigued by Amber Venz Box, the co-founder of RewardStyle. Check out this great interview with her and see the mindset that she has used to go from selling jewelry to running an international company that has produced over a billion dollars in sales for retailers.

7 -This Collection

As Mother’s Day nears, I am always on the lookout for special, standout, gifts. I was recently walking down 5th avenue, when I found myself pulled inside the Van Cleef store. I saw so many pretty things, but was stopped in my tracks by the Frivole flower collection. If you are looking for a big reward/splurge, I highly recommend the ring! Such a beautiful statement piece that you can enjoy while you work.

I hope that you enjoy these things.

Have a great week!



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