The List – My Favorite Entrepreneur Gifts

This week I’m sharing my favorite gift ideas for entrepreneurs. Whether you get one of these items for yourself or an entrepreneur friend, these gifts will contribute to making the entrepreneurial journey more enjoyable!

White Senreve Bag


This bag is stunning and sleek and perfect for carrying around a laptop as well as any other item in your portal office. It’s the perfect#workfromwherever accessory! It can be worn as a tote, a purse, or a backpack. Any way you wear it, you’ll be working in style!

Rose Gold & Grey marble Calpak Luggage


I’m a huge fan of travel and big believer that you should go in style. Calpak makes gorgeous luggage. The rose gold and the grey marble pieces are my favorite!

Audible Subscription


Give the gift of knowledge. Continued learning is something every business owner needs to invest in for success. Nowadays there are so many ways that technology makes this easier than ever before. Many business owners have full days and it’s hard to find a moment to sit and read. That’s why I love audible. Services like audible make it easy to consume valuable content in the car on the way to the grocery store, jogging at the gym, or even while waiting to see the dentist.

Daily Edited Computer Case


A great computer case is not only practical, but it should also be very sleek and stylish to make a good impression. This black leather laptop case is a great gift idea for any entrepreneur!

Aerin tray (for desk trinkets)


Creating a space that’s both functional and inspiring is so important for entrepreneurs. This decorative tray is perfect for any home office desk to keep track of commonly used knick knacks.

A chic standing desk


Business owners are no stranger to long hours. This flexible sit to stand desk is a productive gift choice for any entrepreneur’s home office (I’ve been waiting FOREVER for a standing desk that isn’t hideous).

Aerin Photo Frame

I love to look at a sweet family photo while I work to remind me what’s important. A photo frame like this makes for a great gift for you or your entrepreneur friends to keep their why close by.

Small Aerin vase for flowers on my desk


Creating an inspiring workplace can contribute to having a more productive work day. I always have fresh flowers on my desk and this Aerin vase is perfect for that.

Bergdorf “Windows” Book for visual marketing inspiration:


Legendary for their artistry, detail, smart references, and sly visual jokes – the Bergdorf “Windows” Book is a wealth of inspiration you can keep close by.

Wellco Super Elixir


Sometimes the workday can take your focus off of health and wellness. When you need a pick me up during the day, Elle Macpherson’s  platinum alkalizing formula helps with energy and daily nutrition.    

Acquazzura Pom Pom Flats


Working from home doesn’t mean you have to dress in yoga pants and flip flops everyday. Preparing to conquer the day can start with something as simple as what you wear. I love these posh pom-pom flats for work days from home.

I hope that you find something special to gift yourself or an entrepreneur friend this holiday season!


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