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How to Fail Like a Winner

Today we are talking about the F word.

No, not THAT word! I want to talk to you about failure.

I want to teach you to look at failing from an entirely new perspective. Every successful entrepreneur has failed. In fact, the greatest have experienced massive failures more times than anyone else!

You can’t let your fear of failure hold you back from trying the ideas and taking the steps necessary to build the business and the life that you desire.

I have fallen flat on my face many times and learned the truth in the statement that “you learn more from your failures than your successes.” (The details of one of my biggest failures is in the video below).

Now if you are reading this and smugly thinking to yourself “Melanie I’VE never failed.” Let me ask you this:

Are you testing and trying out enough new ideas in your business?

Are you putting yourself out there enough to achieve the growth and success that you’re after?

Watch the video below and learn how you can start failing like a winner:

The truth is that the odds are stacked against us. More often than not, our ideas won’t work and we will need to go back to the drawing board. However, it is through that process of testing, failing and reworking that eventually leads to brilliance (or that “A-HA” moment if you will).

We are all so afraid to fail that we don’t try things that could very well lead to our success. Figuring out what doesn’t work is the fastest way to learn what does work.

Remember having your idea fail does not make YOU a failure. Letting fear hold you back from what could be does.

Now I want to hear from you:

Leave a comment below and share a time that you overcame a failure and it turned into something great.

Thank you so much for taking the time to be hear and for sharing your story below. I look forward to reading each and every one of them.

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93 Responses

  1. Melissa says:

    Sometimes I feel like give up but I meed more inspiration to forces

  2. Sandra says:

    Melanie you come with the right attitude and approach towards business.
    The statements that stand out strongly in you article is :

    “you learn more from your failures than your successes.” – so true if you never fail you feel like you never need to improve.

    Figuring out what doesn’t work is the fastest way to learn what does work. – This is true too if something isn’t working we need to re-look at it to see what we CAN DO to make it work sometimes just changing or adding something to it – it’s like a recipe for success:)

    I have failed a few times but I’ve kept on to ensure that even though things haven’t always worked out as successfully as anticipated I haven’t given up and I am willing to try again and learn from the experience.

    Thanks for sharing such GREAT ADVICE!

  3. Pamela Dobbins says:

    Six years ago I opened a bakery in a small town and it was an epic failure. I made the mistake of becoming emotionally attached to it. Six months after I opened it, I had to close it! During that time, my future husband (who is an entrepreneur) was my accountant for my business, had to talk me through closing my business because I had become so depressed. Since that time, I’ve had several great ideas but have been stuck in “fear of failure” mode. I am currently working on a new idea that will require a patent and I’ve taken the step toward getting a prototype made. I still love to bake and I’ve had minimal success with my cheesecake creations out of my home, but again, I’m still very hesitant to pursue it on a larger scale due to my past failure. What advice can you offer me in how to transition to the next step in this process?

    • melanieduncan says:

      Thank you for sharing your story Pamela. That takes a lot of courage right there. My advice to you is to remember that you are now equipped with so much more knowledge and experience after your first business that your odds of success are far better than they were before. Hardly anyone gets it right the first time. When one door closes, another one opens. :)

  4. Big Shirl says:

    I had developed a series of small devotional journals called Bible Bites that I wanted to sell over the internet. I realized that I have to be my very first customer. As the consumate consummer of my product, I learned what really works. Now that I actually have my product published, I’ve received positive reviews and great feed back. And because I’ve been successfully journalling, I know that it works!

  5. Celine says:

    I think the fear of failure is one of the hardest fears to overcome. It’s so ingrained in most of us, and from such an early age. One of the things that often comes up when I’m coaching people is the need to let go of the idea of perfection, and embrace the idea that failing, and admitting those failures, is a sign of strength, and growth, and leadership.

    Thank you for a great lesson!

  6. Kerri says:

    I fail all the time but it’s made me find different ways of becoming successful. I’ve become more creative and I feel that it’s important to listen to amazing people like yourself Melanie who have had failures or setbacks but still find a way/ways to make their dreams come true! We may fail but we aren’t failures! We just have to tweak and learn new things! Love your work! Kerri :) xxx

  7. Valerie says:

    I work with a lot of startups (mostly held by women) and the number one fear they have is failure. They see it as a wall, something final, but I remind them that sometime you have to fail at an idea or a venture in order to not be a failure to yourself and your life :) It takes a lot of courage to recognise that what you have put efforts and sweat into is simply not working for you and is not profitable. That was what happened to me 7 years ago: my DIY business was simply not working for me, I wasn’t making enough money to support myself and my dreams. I did a 180 and 7 years later, I feel I’m at the right spot in the universe.. Thank God I had to guts to drop it and move on. :)

    I love reading your posts Melanie, you have a way of putting things that is really speaking to me :)

  8. Danyelle says:

    Love the bloopers! Great way to drive your point home! :)

  9. Barbara Pettus says:

    I love how you’ve taken this negative subject and turned it into a positive one!

  10. teresa says:

    I did fundraiser on Tuesday to raise money for clean water…a good cause right well it cost more than we raised :/ but the event got the word out. And it brought in two people from the press that are writing articles on us so was this a total failure? no! and WE HAD A BLAST!!!!

  11. Julia says:

    Hi Melanie, I was so enthralled by your presentation on Creative Live – so I stopped by.
    Love what you’re doing.
    I’m off to go scout around your site.
    Julia :)
    PS You look like the Duchess of Cambridge

  12. Julie says:

    Hey Melanie, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who has many, many retakes for video…lol!

  13. Jon Poland says:


    I completely agree with your thoughts on failure. A lot of people are afraid to act because they are afraid to fail. As far as I am concerned there is no failure as long as one learns from the experience. If you come out of an experience more educated and in a better position to succeed the next time, how can that be classified as a failure?

  14. Rhonda says:

    I started my business by borrowing the first months rent and a piece of equipment. I believed in it so much that I was willing to go the extra mile, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAID! I have had to reinvent it many times over and the best advice I can offer to someone that gets discouraged is this: Think about if you didn’t have all the worries or problems of the business you are in right now. If you were going to create and start a brand new business, what steps would you take? Then apply those same steps to your current business and make sure to work just as hard as if it is a new venture! Hope that helps.

  15. Ken Morris says:

    Adding your “failures” at the end are the perfect metaphor to represent your message Melanie. Nice work. Ken

  16. Kerwin says:

    The failures are good Melanie as they make you not do that again the next time around and now you are experienced :-) .

    Thanks for sharing this video.

  17. Miglena says:

    Melanie, I read your article on a magazine for women and learned about your website. I feel I came to know you a the right time. I think I am very close of failing in our book business. We had to open a store as that’s the requisite for book sellers where we live (Brunei) and the rent absolutely drains us now that there is no sale ( September to January is the peak season for school books). Plus the staff that we have to hire, and the marketing that costs. I learned more by reading the articles and from your web page than from our experiences in our business so far. Now I need to put these to work and figure our a way to stay afloat.

    Thank you

  18. Danielle says:

    Melanie, your videos are always spectacular looking! Can you share how you record? They look better than than tv!


  19. Fit Missy says:

    Great video! Awesome bloopers!

  20. You are so right on with this post. Failing is part of learning and growing. If you never fail, you can become complacent, cocky, and unaware of just how far you can really go. I have also failed too many times to count, but the secret is to follow the words of a very old song, “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.”

  21. Sonia says:

    Having some struggles right now in the business and your inspiring words are helping me to push forward. I will “fail like a winner” but never quit. Thanks, Melanie!

  22. Thank you Melanie,

    Having just had a baby it has made me realise that I need to address those things which aren’t working in my business so I can stop wasting time on things.

  23. Several years ago I left a solid teaching job to help start a new charter school. After putting in hours and hours of time and effort the charter school took off, but I was let go before we even got fully rolling. I felt like such a failure and was crushed by the rejection.

    At first I was devastated and felt panicked about how we would make it in Southern California with just my husband’s income and my unemployment. While I looked for a 9-5 job I started doing more freelance work ghost writing, writing online articles, direct marketing packets, and editing other people’s work. Later I began to produce Internet radio shows and started helping people with their social media.

    As I slowly began to build my income freelancing (and reporting it to the state unemployment office), I needed less unemployment support. By the time the unemployment ran out, I hadn’t found a full time job, but I had just enough freelance work and referrals to keep my nose above water while I continued building a business of my own.

    Now I work from home, and while I miss teaching a little bit, I don’t miss all the red tape that goes with teaching these days. Some days I like what I do more than others, but always I am grateful that I’m only answerable to myself. And, because I have created trickles of income from a variety of venues I am protected. If I lose a client, or a freelance job comes to an end, I haven’t lost everything.

  24. Sarah says:

    I Melanie! I recently found you and am very happy with all you offer! I have only tried to pursue one thing and that is getting my real estate license. I didn’t have the money to continue so I put it on the back burner. After two years my aunt yelled at me and told me it was time to finish and move forward. She then passed away soon after, So because I didn’t have the money I looked for free money and found it! I have finished all my courses and am taking my exam next week! Despite everyone telling mr for years how bad of a market it is I realized why would i listen to people who work 9-5 and that’s all they do?? I am also looking online for other ways to make another income and my encouragement is other people again telling me it’s a scam!! Thanks!!

  25. Jack says:

    Excellent idea, showing your video production mistakes to reinforce your message that we all need to take it easy on ourselves and realize that failure is just part of the process.

  26. Rob Metras says:

    Great advice without failure you cannot improve and you become mediocre. and the clips with the outakes are a classic example of improvement. Rock on Melanie

  27. Kira dunn says:

    Melanie I love your way of thinking! You approach to the negative side of business is inspiring! Love the out takes too :) xx

  28. When I first started Weight watchers I was gaining weight the first week, I overcame it, by asking for help. I received advice from the leader based on what I was eating and followed through and that experience lead me to the over 67 pounds I have lost so far! But that was a while ago, when I was thinking of this assignment I realized I get discouraged by failure too easily. Like you said, it is part of the learning experience. Like Edison and the light bulk, took him MANY tries. But he did it! Thanks for this video it made me realized not to be afraid failure and detatch myself from it. Brilliant! Keep up the amazing work!

  29. Robyn Smith says:

    After more than 20 years as a stay-at-home mom, I began a freelance writing business to allow me to work from home.
    I had discovered a need for web content writing, and as the daughter of an English teacher and champion speech and debate coach, I knew a thing or two about writing. However, I realized I knew very little about all the new technologies, social medias, etc. I became overwhelmed trying to learn everything at once and almost gave up.
    With prayer and an encouraging husband, I came to recognize that even e-readers are still just people. Those people have the same wants, needs, and emotions to reach whether it’s through old fashioned “hard copy” or new-fangled electronic media. I knew people and how to write to those emotions and needs.
    Now, I am looking at expanding my business, as my job opportunities surpass my available time. I have built successful relationships with businesses and web designers and have actually become a chosen favorite to some!
    Listen to Melanie – Learn and Live – Don’t quit!
    Thanks, Melanie!

    • Jo says:

      Hi Robyn, I’m struggling trying to come up with a business idea that allows me to focus on being available to my family to ensure I navigate them successfully through their teenage years, and fulfilling my own needs. I stepped out of the workforce 4 years ago. Whilst this is certainly allowing me to be a proactive mum, I miss the involvement in work and the remuneration. Can you give me an insight into what it is you do and how you set about achieving, what sounds to be, a very satisfying business? I too would like to be across all this new technology but have found a lot of the courses on offer encroach upon school drop off/pick up times. Thanking you in advance for your advice. Cheers Jo

  30. Kate says:

    Love the blooper reel Melanie! hahahahahah What a great way to illustrate your topic! #OwningITcompletely! #Yes

  31. Jessica says:


    One of my biggest fear was to let go of my business partner/investor. I lived in constant fear of not making it with out him. I recently let him go and I feel better then ever for failure in anything is nothing more then a teaching lesson that we should embrace and learn from it.

  32. Breanne says:

    Summer time is always slow for me. Sometimes I start getting in a rut and thinking its me who failed not to get enough clients/work, but I have to realized after this many years that it tends to happen every year.

  33. Jana says:

    Great tip to detach yourself from your business idea! This works a treat when trying to get over failed business ideas.

  34. Chiara says:

    I thought for a long time that I had to work with someone else to be successful. I tried different people and different ideas and they have all failed. What I learnt from them all was that it was not me it was the way I was executing the idea and with the people I was working with.

    Now that I work with myself I don’t hold back, I don’t have another persons fears and limitations to stop me and I tweak and idea until it works and is successful rather than giving up like I used to do.

    I love my failures, they are tools for growth and my teaching for others!

    Thanks for the great video as ever.


  35. I’m looking forward to growing myself to be a better me and being a success (regardless of the failures) at my business! Will be looking for your newsletters! thank you and God bless!

  36. Jo says:

    I took on board what you said in your video “How to Fail like a Winner”. The content resonated on not only a business level but it has relevance on how to approach life in general. I still have one fear in regards to failure, the monetary cost! It is sometimes easier to come up with an improved idea, but I for one don’t have a deep pocket full of money to indulge in failure.

  37. Jennifer says:

    thanks for your tips…I found this to be very helpful.

  38. Carolina says:

    SO true! I always share with my children that follow-through is the key to success. Most people give up way too soon!

  39. Johnna says:

    When I started my business, I hired a company to do my bookkeeping, accounting, credit counseling, prepare my taxes, help me get my business started, marketing, etc. They linked me to ‘another’ company (I thought), who would build my website for me. It took me a few months to discover that the website, that cost me $8,200, was a fake and that the company I paid $22,000 to, who went by more than 30 different names, was defrauding people like me out of thousands of dollars. In January 2013 they were investigated by the FTC and shut down, pending legal action. I am hoping, some day, to get my $ back. But, what the nightmare year of 2012 did for me is, it made me more determined – that in the future I would learn to do for my self what I needed for my business.

    I purchased and learned the accounting program for my business. I researched and purchased the very best software program to build my website, myself. I took computer classes to help me navigate my laptop efficiently, and enrolled in online college courses to learn marketing, etc. The learning curve has taken me months, but in the long run it will save me more money than I lost to those who scammed me. If it needs to be done, I will take the time and effort to learn to do it myself! I can do this! What got me into trouble in the first place was wanting perfect results FAST. Being in a rush caused me to miss the warning signs and stumble into a real mess that I am still trying to undo. Now, I am patient and persistent. It is paying off, all but slowly, but I will eventually get to my goal.

    I have learned how to investigate companies and find out if they are for real or not. I have shared that information with others, so they know how to find the red flags that will alert them to fraud. Those who did this to me were experts at it, and even now with all that I have learned, I don’t think I would be able to tell they were frauds. But, since then, I have avoided countless scams and helped others to do the same.

    • Chris says:

      Johnna, what you are doing to help others discover the red flags of a scam sounds like a business to me… Explore it if you haven’t formalized it yet. It fills a need out here.


  40. Maurita Sutton Brown says:

    In 2007 my husband and I decided to open a Cafe serving Name Brand Products and sharing them with community. It went well after the research, consulting and even prayer was done! We found a location and proceeded with the PROPOSED PLAN of the Century…We were on top of the world and then it all started one day…customers were arriving and enjoying the Cafe and then it took a turn and the economy flipped…now we did not see that in the Proposed Plan. People began to loose their hard earned possessions and having a gourmet Chicago hot dog, gourmet sandwich, gourmet homemade cake, Seattle best coffee and/or tropical sno shaved ice was not on their list. We understood that, so did we fail as a couple with a dream, NO WAY…the economy failed and we fell along with it as a Business. We were sad but we had to close it and move on to the next Project on our list of Ventures. In Business I have learned to detach my Personal Life away from my Business Life and It works for our family! We still serve the Gourmet Hots and Shaved Ice as a Business (soon to be in two states)….It was Location and Season in our past! Thanks for sharing…

  41. Bianca says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! You are a blessing! I’ve been feeling so depressed and frustrated about becoming a failure, especially since my husband just lost his job in the Air Force and we have a baby. I literally put almost every cent we have (plus money from family) in to this company (almost 80k) and have been trying everything I can to get it going. I honestly thought because our products were so good that people would just buy, but that hasn’t happened despite my many attempts at handing out samples & brochures, tons of cold calls and mailers, coupon codes and flash sales through newsletters and social media. I honestly just feel like walking away sometimes, yet I know that what I have is great? I hate feeling so lost and confused, constantly looking for the answers I just don’t have. I truly appreciate all the advice you are giving people like myself to help us stay strong (well as strong as I can lol ) :-)

  42. Melanie,

    Thanks for this reminder. The faster entrepreneurs learn this the easier it is to breath and move forward. It has taken me many years to understand failure as a useful process. It’s normal for business owners to go through failures. I have found that when I fail that it is easier to persevere if think of it as a normal business practice. Also, thanks for pushing us to grow and to challenge ourselves to try new things even if failure might show up.

  43. [...] Melanie Duncan – How to Fail Like a Winner [...]

  44. Courtney says:

    Love! I enjoy following women entrepreneurs like you that spread your experiences and testimonies on what works in business (or doesn’t)! Keep on doing your thing! Great work!!

  45. Sabina says:

    I hate reporting….numbers drive me crazy…however we do have to own upto them at some point!

    My biggest failure was presenting in front of a large corp executive team…and half way through the presentation I realized the data enter was not right, talk about failure in a big way!

    Lesson learned…even though at times I may feel like i’m on the island all by my self, develop partnerships with others who you can:
    1. send them your ppt to verify there are no grammar, spelling or formatting challenges
    2. use those partnerships to do a dry run through and give feedback before presenting…but don’t take the feedback personal, your partners are only there to help you grow!

  46. This is a Great Video. Most of my Failures have been things I have not done waiting of things to be Perfect. I Plan to fail by buying things with a long term mindset so that they will carry over to the next try.

  47. Hey Melanie, really appreciated your message, and was pleased to see you included outtakes! Pegged the ‘authentic meter’ — keepin’ it real! Kudos!

  48. I love this! I have had so many failures in business, far more than I care to admit, but I see them all as learning experiences. If I wasn’t taking risks and putting myself out there, then I wouldn’t be learning and my business wouldn’t be growing. I know I will have failures in business, it just goes along with finding what is really working for me and what isn’t.

  49. Jason says:

    Thank you for your great insight. I made it easier for me to be willing to take on challenges in my business and hopfully move it into a better place in 2014.

    Thanks Again,

  50. Penny says:

    Love the video. Good points. I am feeling that way now where something’s I believe are not for me but seeing that it’s not working pushes me to try other things and pushing to do the thing I really want to do. Thank you.

  51. My failures haven’t been failure per se but challenges that have stopped me in my tracks and made me re-evaluate and yes, sometimes stop writing for awhile. Friends say they would have given up long ago but I keep plugging away.

    Recent failure/challenge: My BIG Book Launch was planned to the hilt with every angle covered, or so I thought. When around 20 people, all friends and family showed up–I was prepared for 100 with all kinds of handouts and activities for kids–I was devastated. The only thing I could have done differently would have been to get radio/tv coverage and stood out on the corner with a sandwich board. My failure was to not stick to my guns and have the launch at a more central location in a community run theatre/local artist place. The manager talked me into going to the library. Although the librarians were wonderful, it was a huge mistake. I learned to trust my gut in all future endeavors but more importantly, I shared my experience on my blog so that others would learn to trust their gut too.

    Free download on Kindle for Amazon resulted in over 14K downloads. Problem was, there was a glitch in the software when using some apps to non-Kindle devices. Folks with problems aired them via negative Amazon Reviews even though the glitch was technical and had nothing to do with the quality of the story. :-( When the glitch was fixed I had to decide whether to run the free download again. Although many said they wouldn’t do it, I saw it as free exposure and am going to try again.

    I’ve learned that it only takes one person in a crowd to make a difference for you and/or your product. You have to treat the 20 in the room as if they are part of 100+ and give it your all, even though your heart may be breaking. It’s the challenges that keep us humble–a test to see if we have what it takes to be a success.

  52. Cora Seery says:

    I am my own worse eneney, I get overwhelmed with all the things they suggest we do to better our business that i do not try anything. But one day a year ago, I went to a vendor show,and I said this is what I’m going to do,I’m going to get my name out talk to everyone that comes to my booth,pass out every brochure I have.. If it is God’s wish for me to do this then I will get new customers. Two weeks later I got a call from a lady whos designer quit without tell her customers ,and she introduced her self to me on the phone said i want to have an in home show on this date oe=r this date would that work for you? I said yes the first date will work perfectly, it was a week away. I ended up in one month having 4 shows,bookings from each show and bookings from those shows and repeat shows,

  53. Natalie Blais says:

    Figuring out the tech stuff just isn’t my area of expertise and having a huge webinar series fail because it wasn’t working from the tech side was a wake up call to hire the right people to support me. Now I have a great team in place and we are kicking butt!!

  54. Bob says:

    Great video- not too long and too the point. I especially loved the outtakes :) Thanks!

  55. Dan says:

    Thanks for the “How to Fail Like a Winner” video.

    I have noticed from virtually every successful entrepreneur that 1. they have failed many … many times, 2. they haven’t given up, 3. they have had multiple businesses (some made it and others did not) and they have more business ideas in the works.

    I believe that most (including myself) would be happy if they could have one successful business.

  56. melissa lee says:

    I have risen up out of great childhood abuse and now help others to do that same with a great shift in the way they think and feel about themselves. xoxo Melissa Lee

  57. Melanie, this is a great message. Unfortunately I don’t have an overcoming failure story just yet as I’m just getting started. I’m starting a leather craft business which is very difficult to make succeed in the Walmart world. But I keep hope that there are some people out there that value and want to pay for good work made by a craftsman. Thanks for the tips! Mike

  58. Debbie says:

    My uncle told me years ago … that no business is a failure. That I learned some thing from each.. Thanks.

  59. I have been having trouble getting my business up and running. While things were not working for my main business and money was tight, as an effort to save money I began making my own dog treats. The treats soon became popular with other dogs and inspired me to launch The Persnickety Pup. I began running it as a side business, and just when I thought of gearing it back down, I received a request from an organic cafe to stock my dog treats. I am now tieing The Persnickety Pup back to my main business by adding a special line of abstract art dog collars, leads and jackets. I hope to have this line up and running by the end of April. Hopefully you’ll see them on soon.

  60. Hi Melanie! Oh my goodness, I just found you and I am SO excited to learn all I can from you! After my husband died, I needed to find something that would provide for myself and my four kids. I worked a retail job at the time and I got a wild hair and thought I’d make a big fancy cake for my daughter’s birthday and she loved it. I then made my other kid’s birthday cakes and my third cake ever was my first wedding cake. I’m a perfectionist and they didn’t turn out how I wanted them to. I made cakes for free for the first year, teaching myself everything from You Tube videos and cake decorating blogs, and through failure is the only way I could learn, as no one was teaching me anything about cake or business. I learned through experience why it’s important to say certain things in my contract, or why I need to put piping gel on the cake before I cover it with fondant, or why I simply must be on time to deliver a cake so I don’t have to refund money I couldn’t afford to lose (that was a really tough lesson to learn. I am still learning myself and time management is still a work in progress). Point is, I’ve learned SO much about business and cake through my failures. I had to allow myself grace and growing pains. And now, my biggest cake heros who I hung on their every word, now know who Sweet and Swanky Cakes is and they share my cakes on their Facebook! It’s just unreal how it has all happened. I still have so much more to learn, and I’m beyond excited to learn more about how to work smarter not harder and work “ON” my business. Last summer I worked 140 hours a week and it just about killed me, to make all the wedding cakes I booked. So, thanks again, I look forward to all your pearls of wisdom! I am curious if you know of any grants for women in business?

  61. Oh Melanie – having you been roaming around in my head? I’m thinking so. It is a challenge for me everyday to step out side my cozy little box and risk failure.


    But you are so correct that the failure isn’t about me and I can’t take it personally. it’s just an idea that needs to be tweaked into a different direction. If I want to TRULY succeed with my business, I need to keep putting it out there in the universe. It won’t be without some fear and trepidation, but it will be out there.

  62. Great advise from this video. I have found that when things are not moving in the way I want them too. I also look at taking another path. I consider failure as a learning curve.

  63. Kaye says:

    Hi Melanie,

    This is so fitting for where I am currently as far as totally overwhelmed with all there is to do. I run a nonprofit which means those who I rely on are volunteers. As a result, I more often than I want find when they don’t uphold their commitment, I am the one doing the work. I then feel angry and resentful not helpful in further their desire to volunteer. It seems like a vicious cycle.

    I also have so many different functions in which I operate that the details of paperwork and systems are what often get neglected. Currently, I am seeing the cost to the overall system due to the lack of systems. While I have had several people volunteer to help with setting up systems in the office, there has been the lack of follow through. I recognize this is in part due to my lack of organization and understanding about how to have accountability in a professional manner.
    I have been looking for a system to help me manage such things. Due to budget constraints I have chosen to forgo an older trained secretary. As such, I have been in the process of trying to train an assistant. In reality, I don’t know what all I need her to do or how to convey this. I can see from just writing this, that I need to block out sometime to take a step back and analyze the entirity of the overall scope of the work.

    I get caught in the shame spiral of fear of failure or making a mistake which results in my freezing up and not taking the sometimes difficult steps or decisions and conversations. Then I feel like a failure.


    The results are in…

    Good news :-)

    Vick just posted the 3rd video in the series
    and it’s really, really, REALLY GOOD.

    You can WATCH IT HERE:

    Here’s What This Video Is About:

    => Vick shows you his results from the test campaign that he started
    in the last video (you’ve GOT to see that!!)

    => He reveals his secret “go to” place for getting BUYERS leads.
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    => A round table talk with his test group folks who implemented
    some of the methods he’ll be showing you, where they share their
    personal results. (it will blow your mind. seriously. watch and
    model what they did!)

    => A very cool surprise for you at the end of the video for you

    I think you’re going to love this video.

    Listen, just seeing where Vick go to get hundreds of thousands of
    BUYERS traffic is going to forever change how you run and look
    at your business.


    It won’t be up for long.

    Enjoy :-)

    - Douglas

    P.S. If you missed the last 2 videos I sent you, be sure to watch
    them also because Vick will be pulling them down soon:

    VIDEO 1: The Master Key To Internet Riches:

    VIDEO 2: Traffic Magic: 100K visitors, 80% Opt-In Rates, and More!

    VIDEO 3: RESULTS and More Secrets:

  65. Debbie says:

    I teach children Bible lessons! Often, my classes seem like a total failure and the next week I come back to discover the kids really did learn! I train teachers and I will teach a lesson to the children before I demo the lesson to the teachers. That way, I can know what worked for me and what didn’t. I can share my failures and successes and they can learn from me.

    Also, just because something doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for another person. Folks have different personalities and abilities. I’m awful at getting folks on board but my partner has a knack at it. We make a great team. She recruits folks and I train them!

    Thanks, Melanie. Your tips are helpful for me and our little non-profit, Wee Can Know.

  66. I rarely leave comments but that ending was just perfect Melanie. Great insights too. Looking forward to meeting you in Paris. I’ve learned a lot from you so far! Thank you.

  67. Don MacLean says:

    Hi Melanie, My story is not about marketing although I am working at that too, I make Adirondack Chairs and very much wanted to make one that reclined, not a fancy one handed job, but one where the back rest would recline to a different angle to the standard chair, I thought long and hard about it fot more than a year, until one day I “bit the bullet” and made one and it worked beautifully, there is a photo on my Facebook page. I gave it to my ex son in law who cleaned up my garden for me for nothing, so I gave him my chair for his birthday and now he and his wife fight over who uses the chair

  68. Jan Bloom says:

    I had a vision to create a niche marketing strategy within my company. I presented it to the CEO. He wasn’t impressed with the potential it could yield. I pursued it anyway on my own and today have a reputation for being the most successful leader in this “niche” market within my company. Also – a few years later… now our company is actually launching a NEW division dedicated to this niche – so being turned down did not discourage me – it inspired me to prove my theory and now provides me the satisfaction of knowing my vision has enabled so many others to succeed!

  69. I was the host for a cooperate event and was asked to put together a series of competitions that would end in a winner of a trophy. In the end it went well, but due to such large numbers, I tried to do to much. I learned the value of less is more with more. I will tweak the events for future use and can use this original format for a smaller group. I have learned that first time corporate events usually get better after the first time because there is learning curve the first time. When I consult about an event as DJ/Host, I tell that to my first time cooperate clients because this is true. Sometimes failure can be summed up as a learning curve. You just have to be open minded to understand that and brave enough to try new ideas. Great video!

  70. nancy bracy says:

    I needed this!

  71. victoria says:

    Love receiving your email! Thank you!

  72. Kate Talim says:

    I completely agree with your thoughts! I love how you have taken this negative subject and turned it into a positive one! GREAT video! Thanks for sharing

  73. Lyn says:

    Thanks for this . It makes so much sense. great advice thank you.

  74. Chocolat Celeste is an artisan chocolate company in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I watched your video today because my company was not approved for a very important loan to fund Christmas.

    Today might be my AH-HA moment! The lesson is to stop looking for loans and get out there a sell my way out of the summer dull drums.

    I need to get out there and find the people that are really interested. Companies that need and what to reward their clients and employees and to stop talking to the people that want discounts and freebies.

    Thank you for the boost.

    Mary Leonard

  75. Nona Shaw says:

    Thanks so much for the encouragement. Realized I have been playing it way to safe… Loved the bloopers. Shows that you are not as suave as you appear on video. LOL… Nona

    • melanieduncan says:

      Get out there, Nona! Take risks and learn lessons. Failure is just a part of business. Sometimes I just get tongue-tied :)

  76. I think it’s so important to detach yourself from your failures. It’s not who you are and it doesn’t define you, it just helps you pivot and move and learn from your mistakes. Thank you for the great video Melanie

  77. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an really long comment but after
    I clicked submit my comment didn’tshow up. Grrrr…

    well I’m not writing aall that over again. Anyway, just wanted to
    say superb blog!

    Feel free to visit my web siute – this post –,

  78. I just saw the video and its very interesting. I am very excited to learn from you Ma’am beatiful Melanie Duncan.

    Thank you so much for doing great things here on earth.

    God bless

    Renlyn Silva

  79. Sara says:

    I can relate to this so well. In fact, I just rebounded from a very stressful failure in my production process and feel ready to pursue some really big growth in my business.

    After spending months struggling with different vendors to create a very high-end (AND consistent) finish on some of my products I finally realized I was spinning my wheels. Yes, what I wanted to create is possible — but it wasn’t practical for me at this stage of my business and with my current cash flow/inventory capacity.

    So I finally tried something easier and less expensive — I LOVE the results! Why didn’t I try this earlier??? It was like the stress melted away and freed me up to start thinking about what’s next. But I am embarrassed to admit that it took me over 6 months of tears and disappointment to make such an easy shift! But during those months I learned many valuable lessons about working with my manufacturers. :)

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