Beat The Business Summer Slump

School’s out, the temperatures are rising, and summer is officially here. For lots of people, that means vacation, trips to the beach, and lazy days by the pool.

But for business owners, it can also mean stress — in the form of a summer sales slump.

Some seasonal businesses heat up during the summer months (bikinis and beach hats, anyone?), but many see a predictable slump in sales during the summer.  Clients and customers go on vacation, employees book time off, and new projects and purchases may be delayed.

But this is not inevitable, and there are things you can do to combat that dip in sales and traffic, and even see a profitable improvement!  

That’s why this summer, as part of my program Business Class, I’ve decided to challenge our members to stop making assumptions about the summer slump, and start taking action to double your sales for the summer!

If you’re curious about the Double Your Summer Sales Challenge and Business Class, I’m giving away a free Double Your Sales Starter Kit so you can get a free taste! Just click here to get started and see what this challenge is going to be all about!

And in the meantime, here are three ways you can challenge yourself to beat the summer slump:

3 ways to challenge yourself to beat the summer slump

  1. Set goals

When you look at your performance history from summers past, it’s easy to assume that the slump is inevitable.  If your sales dropped last July, they’re likely to drop this July, right?


There’s no reason to set your goals low just because sales have dipped in the past.  Instead, set a big goal to double your sales! Challenge yourself not to accept the status quo!

During the Double Your Summer Sales Challenge, we’re going to be pushing you to get out of your comfort zone with mini challenges to earn an extra $50, $100, or $500 in a day for your business! We’ll also be creating a leaderboard for some accountability and friendly competition inside the Business Class group.

And speaking of accountability…

  1. Partner up

I find the best way to motivate myself is when I have a partner who is counting on me. This goes for going for my daily walk (Lady is my accountability partner!) or doing the uncomfortable things in business that will get me to my goals.

Working alone, it’s easy to convince ourselves that we don’t have to do the thing — whatever the thing is — that we don’t want to do.

But when you tell somebody else that you’re going to do it, suddenly there’s an extra level of accountability!  That’s why, inside the Double Your Summer Sales Challenge, we’re going to challenge you to find an accountability partner and maybe even a cross-promotional partner to help get your offers in front of a new audience. You’ll also have a BIG accountability partner in the whole group!

  1. Get out of your comfort zone

As solo business owners, it’s often very easy to talk ourselves out of the things that will actually make an impact on our goals, just because they’re a little outside our comfort zone. It’s easy to say, “That won’t work for me because…” whether we’ve actually tried it yet or not!

Whether it’s emailing your list more often, making a new offer, putting something on sale, or going on Facebook live, the Double Your Summer Sales Challenge is going to encourage you to get outside your comfort zone and try new things to drive sales.

We’ve got a ton of suggestions for things you can try, but we’ll also be brainstorming as a group and sharing our ideas. That means you won’t be getting just my ideas on how to drive sales, but the ideas of hundreds of other savvy business women!

Remember: The “Double Your Summer Sales Challenge” will only be available to members of Business Class, so if you’re excited and want to participate, click here to sign up now. We’ll be pointing you to all the amazing resources inside Business Class you’ll need to get the job done, which makes the Double Your Summer Sales Challenge a perfect introduction to everything Business Class has to offer!

And if you want to get a head start on preparing for the Double Your Summer Sales Challenge, don’t forget to download our Double Your Sales Starter Kit! Click here to get started now.


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