Do you start your day by aimlessly scrolling through social media, or by browsing a folder full of fluff in your inbox because, if you’re being honest, you are completely and totally lacking direction?

The cold hard truth is that you have no idea what to focus on, or where to start.

Maybe you just can’t seem to complete the key pieces and actually launch.

Or you’ve put yourself out there, but the response is :ahem: a bit less robust than you were hoping for, and you don’t know where to go from here.

There are millions of things that you COULD do, but you have no idea (or confidence in) what you SHOULD do.

So you just go through the motions,

you tick off the assortment of tasks on your list, but a lump in your stomach tells you that with each day you’re not really getting any closer to what you want to achieve.

You try and hush the voice in your head that is telling you that you are wasting your time.

You’re lonely. You’re scared. You’re lost.

Maybe you have a fairly successful business, but you feel stuck. You’re trying to get something new off of the ground, but you're flailing.

Or you’re just overworked, lacking inspiration, and currently find yourself (and your business) in the middle of a big, fat, plateau.

You need help.

Regardless of where you are at, you feel idle and alone.

Something needs to change.

Most of us start our businesses with little to no experience, zero network and we lack the proper support needed to actually get our idea off of the ground.

It’s a bit like trying to get somewhere driving a car that doesn’t have any wheels.

No wonder it feels so hard - we have set ourselves up for an impossible task!

The simple truth is such:

If you try to do it alone, you will probably fail.


You will not be able to take those brilliant ideas of yours and actually execute them.

With no boss, no peers, you will lack the accountability to get the tough stuff done.

You will not know exactly what to create or how to market it.

It’s pretty impossible to break free from your own bias and objectively understand the true wants and needs of your customers.

You will lack the motivation to stay consistent
and persevere when the going gets tough.

That brilliant idea of yours? Yeah, it’s going to be WAY harder than
you think it is to bring it to life and turn it into a successful business.

Don’t believe the Facebook ads - building a business is HARD.

Yes, there is a slim chance that you may be able to do it alone - but why the heck would you want to?!

What you need is a way to set yourself up for success.

A way to surround yourself with not just people who can provide you will support, but people who can actually assist you with strategy.

Imagine what it would feel like to have someone to call when you need a second pair of eyes to look over your offer.

Imagine how much better your business would be if you had someone to brainstorm and bounce ideas around with.

Imagine the relief that you would feel, if you had not just one (but several) trusted peers that you could reach out to when you found yourself stuck in a sticky situation.

I’m often asked what the “secret to my success” is…

And while I believe that many things have attributed to helping me get to where I am today, I couldn’t have done it without a little help from my friends. ;)

For years, I’ve had the honor of being a part of a brilliant group of business owners that consistently meet and brainstormed about our businesses together.

I would not have been able to build that businesses that I have without the invaluable advice, feedback, connections and support that I have received from this group.

You see, I am part of a mastermind.

A mastermind is a group of people who meet together, on a regular basis, to brainstorm, provide feedback and support one another.

However, unlike many of the masterminds that you may have heard about, we don’t pay any expert to lead our sessions, we take it upon ourselves to show up and provide the value to each other that we need.

And now I’ve taken it upon myself to create something like this for you too.

Watch the video below to learn more about masterminds and see how ours is different:

Most expert led masterminds cost tens of thousands of dollars a year to be a part of, which is fine if you are already rolling in it. But you see, most people need the help of a mastermind WAY before they have the funds to pay for one.

I am constantly searching for ways to creating the biggest impact in the lives of the business owners that I serve, and this, I believe is IT!


In addition to personally being in a mastermind group for years, I have conducted two self-hosted mastermind group beta tests with dozens of groups, facilitating over 200 people.

I’ve flushed out the systems, the structures, the format to create an optimal experience and results.

Here’s how it works...



By joining my monthly membership program, Business Class, you will have the opportunity to submit an application and be placed in a mastermind group.

You will be put into a group of approximately 5 other people who are not necessarily in your industry, but whom are at a similar level of business as you.

If for some reason you don’t feel like your group is a good fit, just reach out to us and we will happily relocate you.

The right group = mind-blowing business growth!

Proven format

I’ll be providing you with the proven format that I’ve used for years inside of my mastermind. You’ll receive a helpful starter kit with free software suggestions, resources, as well as printable worksheets to use on your calls.


Sometimes group meetings can feel static, so we are coming to the table with suggested monthly themes to guide your discussions.

Each month inside of Business Class we focus on a fresh theme and release a dynamic new training. You have the option of framing your meetings that month around the topic of the new training (specific pre-work, prompts and post-work action items will be provided) or you can stick with more of a flexible framework for the month.



This month’s training


We are here to support you with as little, or as much, guidance as your group would like.


I’ve done the research and found that the average cost of an annual mastermind: is $10,000
$10,000/12 = That is $833.33 per month!

I’m offering you the opportunity to be a part of a dynamic, business boosting, life changing mastermind for just $47/month!!!

This is seriously a game-changing opportunity.

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But that isn’t all. After you become a member of my program, Business Class, you will get instant access to a library of incredible online training courses to assist you in taking action and executing all of the great ideas that you get from your group.


All of the strategies that you need
to scale your business in ONE place.


    Get access to the exact emails that I use in both my product and information businesses to create automated sales funnels so that you can effortlessly increase your sales. Plus, inside of this guide you’ll receive detailed templates that you can use to quickly create your own customized sales funnel.


    Use my proven email onboarding system to help more people succeed with your online programs, and dramatically decrease your refunds. Inside this training, I’ll take you behind the scenes of my most successful online programs and walk you through what to include in your onboarding emails to create star students and lifetime customers who can’t wait to enroll in every program that you ever release.


    The mistake most business owners make is spending all of their time and energy getting people ON their list, but then they have no idea WHAT to send them once they’ve signed up. Inside of this guide you’ll discover exactly what to send people so that you can quickly turn a brand new lead into a paying client or customer.


    There is no point in getting people to sign up for your email list if you have no plan in place for how to add value and sell to your leads. Inside of this guide, you’ll get access to all of the resources that I use like my editorial calendar and content creation inspiration process PLUS interviews with my team (like my main copywriter and editorial director) so that you can get a plan in place and never worry about what to send your list again!

  • Build your list by blogging

    Get access to the revolutionary, step-by-step system that I’ve used to get thousands of people on my list by blogging (while still serving my current email list). This secret process has landed me interviews with some of the top media outlets and I’m going to take you behind the scenes and show you exactly how to implement it inside of your own business (tools, suggested resources, and more will be provided).

  • Promoting your perfect lead magnet

    Inside of this guide, I’ll show you how to get your lead magnet (aka the free offer that you create to get people to sign up for your email list) the exposure it deserves - and how to make sure that you get it in front of the RIGHT people, so that you can build a list of your dream clients and customers.

  • Create your perfect lead magnet

    Discover exactly what you should create to get an endless stream of your dream clients and customers to sign up for your email list. I’ll show you how to pick the perfect topic that positions you so that you can build your list AND effortlessly increase your sales.

  • Goal achievement planner

    Use this resource rich planner to get crystal clear on what to focus on and create a plan to turn your business dreams into a reality. I’ll help you design and execute a process that you can put in place to make progress towards your most important goals inevitable.

  • The key to stunning visual content

    Inside of this actionable guide, I’m sharing step-by-step tutorials and software suggestions that you can use to elevate your brand, increase traffic, enhance social media engagement, skyrocket sign-up’s for your list, sell more of your products, increase the prices of your online programs and services, AND MORE!

  • The guide to successful sales & promotions

    Use my proven sales system to host your most successful sale or promotion. The strategies come straight from my physical products businesses and can be applied to generate buzz, build your list, and produce BOOMING sales within just a few days.

  • Roadmap to a successful online business

    This guide will provide you with a proven plan, and get you crystal clear on what you need to focus on to build a strong and successful online business (and share the nitty gritty of how to structure a successful launch).

  • Unlocking creativity

    The key to standing out in a crowded marketplace is understanding how to leverage your unique ideas and originality. Inside of this guide, you’ll discover that creativity is a skill that should be developed inside of all of us to create our best work, design the most impactful marketing, and make the biggest difference possible in the world.

Your group will provide you with ideas, our trainings will show you how to bring them to life and make them happen.

Finally, content AND community that really work together!

Plus, you can submit any questions that you have to get them answered by me on our monthly group coaching calls.

Though your mastermind group will be intimately sized, you will have access to a larger network of hundreds of entrepreneurs when you join the private Business Class Members’ Facebook group.

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How are the mastermind groups are created?

We put groups of 5 to 6 people together based upon a unique formula that factors in the following:

-Placing people who are at the same level of business together
-A diverse, yet complimentary, mix of different industries.
-Similar time zones and geographic area
-Similar preferred date and time to meet each week

How often will we meet/how much time will this take?

We recommend that you meet once a week for an hour. Most of our groups meet virtually using free tools such as Skype, or Zoom, but it is up to your group when and how you meet.

Do I have to have a certain kind of business to be a part of a mastermind?

Any idea or industry can benefit from being a part of one of our masterminds. Our members have all kinds of different businesses from selling physical goods, to network marketing and direct selling, to offering services and coaching online.

How is this different from other masterminds?

As a Business Class member, not only will we connect you with a custom fit group just for you, but we’ll also provide you targeted training to execute the ideas that you get from your mastermind.

Why should I pay for something like this, instead of just putting one together myself?

Our extensive and wide selection of applicants.
Our sophisticated screening process.
Both of which allow us to put the right people together so that the magic can happen.

We also offer...

1. Gracious Group Relocation
My team and I take great pride in the strategic placement of each and every member, however if you are unhappy and don’t feel that your group is the right fit we will quickly relocate you to another great group where you are sure to thrive.

Think of us as your mastermind concierge. We are here to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

2. Strategic Content Structure
-A specific theme for you to focus each month
-Targeted questions and prompts for each call
-Congruent content to enhance and ensure implementation of ideas.

3. Labor Intensive Logistics
-We will also handle any issues of replacing people if someone leaves so that you can always be a part of a dynamic and value-filled group.

Who this is for:

People trying to get an idea off of the ground who would love to have others to brainstorm and bounce ideas around with.

People with established businesses who are looking for experienced advisors to make small tweaks that will pay off big.

Successful people who are stepping into a new project/business and need guidance on their new venture.

Who this is not for:

People who cannot meet consistently. This is a commitment. If you will not be able to meet consistently (i.e. for an hour a week with your group) please do not apply.

”Me Monsters”. This is about giving to group just as much (if not more) than you are getting from it. If you aren’t interesting in that, then this is not for you. You will have to be flexible, invest your time, and make sacrifices to get the most out of this experience.

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Let me show you exactly how I got to where I am today.

xx Melanie