6 Ways to Use Live Video to Promote Your Business

Worldwide, there are over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users as of June 2017. And there are 500 million daily active users on Instagram. In other words: these platforms are too big to ignore.

But how do you stand out in all that noise?

Live video is one excellent way to stand out right now, because both Facebook and Instagram are organically promoting live video to encourage users to interact with those newer services. In fact, live video posts on Facebook have 135% greater organic reach when compared to photo posts. When you post a live video to either service, it’s more likely to be shown to your followers in their feed — without you having to pay to boost the post.

Plus, viewers spend three times more time viewing a video when it’s live compared to a pre-recorded video.

So clearly, live video is a good use of your marketing time to reach more of your audience and engage with them. But what should you actually share on live video?  Here are 6 ideas (and examples) to get you started — and if that’s not enough, I’ve compiled a list of 44 ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Click here to download the Live Video Idea Bank now! It’s just one of the resources we’re developing for our Live Video Destination Guide for Business Class Members

1. Behind the Scenes

Have you ever watched that mesmerizing video of how Crayons are made from a very old episode of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood?? Since we were little kids, everyone loves to go behind the scenes to see how something is done or made. It makes us feel like insiders, like VIPs, who have an inside scoop on something.

Any aspect of your business could be ripe for sharing a behind-the-scenes video. If you have a product-based business, you can show how the products are made, give a tour of your factory or maker space, or demonstrate your artistry.  

If you run more of an info-products business, you can still do behind-the-scenes videos; try showing your work setup, editing or writing a document live, show your organizing systems, give a tour of your office, etc.

I’ve done this a couple of times to show my office and my personal brand vision boards.

2. Q&A

I often use Facebook Live to do Q&As when I’m running a program to connect with students, because it’s so easy, doesn’t require them to log in to a different website or download software, and most people already spend a ton of time on Facebook anyway.

Many people also do live Q&As when they are launching a product or program, so that potential customers can interact with them in person and get their questions answered live.

Tara Gentile, founder of CoCommercial, streams her podcast, “Help Yourself” live in a kind of talk show format. She has a guest and she asks them questions, but she also solicits questions from the audience watching live. It’s a wonderful way for her to engage with her audience instead of just talking at them, the way a traditional podcast format can sometimes feel.

3. Host a sale or promotion

For product-based businesses, live video can be an awesome way to demonstrate the product in action and make sales in real time.

Custom embroidery business The Funky Fairy livestreamed their sales to clear out overstock. During the live video, the owner would show the stock and ask viewers to comment if they wanted to purchase the product. The first sale went so well she ended up doing two more sales — and got more than 20,000 views all together!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 9.35.34 PM

Live video naturally increases the urgency of a sale or promotion — especially if you are asking people to comment live in order to make a purchase or take advantage of a particular offer.

4. Broadcast from a live event or celebration

Whether you’re hosting an event for your own business or attending an event or conference, broadcasting live from that event can be a great way to engage with your audience.

If you have an event, obviously your entire audience won’t be able to attend, so live streaming some or all of it can act both as a way to make those at home feel included, and advertise for the next event by showing them what a great time they’re missing!

If you’re attending someone else’s conference, a trade show, or any other event that might be interesting to your audience, try live streaming your thoughts from the event. (Don’t stream presentations or speeches without the organizer’s express permission, of course!) It might be lots of fun to share what you’re learning with your audience during the breaks at a conference.

5. Teach or offer demonstrations

Teaching and demonstrating are perhaps the most obvious uses of live streaming, but there are lots of ways to think outside the box and make your videos unmissable!

During a recent launch for her signature program, Authentic Selling, Kendrick Shope did something totally crazy — she did 24 live tips in 24 hours.  Once an hour, every hour, for a full 24 hours (yup, through the night!) she got on Facebook live to offer sales and selling tips and interact with her audience.

While this is obviously a clever stunt to get attention, it also goes well with Kendrick’s brand and personality: she’s known for giving a ton of time and attention to her students and of over delivering on everything.

Another example is Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo. Michelle live streams herself making dinner for her family usually at least once a week, and the recipes she makes are often from one of her cookbooks. It’s like she has her very own — LIVE — cooking show on her Facebook page, and she can use it to promote the sale of her books, her app, and the products for which she is an affiliate.

6. Share your take on news or current events

Because of the very nature of live video, it can be an excellent medium to share “breaking” news from your niche with your audience. And if you’re consistently the one with the “scoop,” you become an invaluable resource to your audience.

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, founder of Gaia Women Lead, found herself unwittingly a Facebook Live star when her daily “Resistance Live” broadcasts explaining political issues from a legal point of view exploded after the U.S. elections. She currently has more than 33,000 followers and routinely attracts 300–600 people live for her daily broadcasts, with many, many more watching the replays.

Because the broadcasts weren’t originally a part of her business, she’s had to pivot to incorporate it into her business plan. But since beginning her broadcasts, she has used the platform to promote her company’s conference for women leaders, started doing live events across the country to speak to her followers in person, and started a Patreon page to help offset the costs of doing the broadcasts for such a large audience.

People come to her for her legal perspective on the day’s news, but they are becoming fans of her personally and her leadership style, which benefits her business.

Social Media Examiner has built their business around providing the most up-to-date information about the ever-changing world of social media marketing, and their live videos often demonstrate new features or talk about marketing techniques to make the most of those features. They’re often the first to jump on a new bandwagon or test out something new and their audience follows them because of that.

These are just a few of the ways you might use live video to promote your business, but often the most effective marketing activities take an existing tactic and give it a new twist. So I encourage you to brainstorm how you might start with one of these basic ideas and put your own spin and polish on it to provide a unique experience for your audience!

If you’re looking to make live video a part of your business marketing strategy, our Live Video Destination Guide for Business Class members is going to be a must-have item in your toolkit!

Can’t come up with a compelling concept for your next live video? I’ve put together a list of 44 ideas so you’re never at a loss for what to say — grab it here! It’s just one of the tools that will be offered as part of the Live Video Destination Guide, and you get to sample it first for free!



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